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Ad Hoc Committee

Aspose.AdHoc 1.III

Aspose.AdHoc is a ASP.Net component. With the Ad Hoc Query Builder component you can quickly and easily add ad hoc capabilities to you ASP.Net...


Aspose.Total 1.0

Aspose.Total is one of the most powerful .net component suites ever assembled. Aspose.Total offers each and every component that Aspose has...


Coding ADO.NET Data Access Solutions

Some ADO.NET sessions focus on the object model and .NET Framework classes and not on specific data access tasks that ADO.NET can solve. This...


Dig - The End User Query Tool

DIG allows end users to do sophisticated ad-hoc queries and data analysis. No SQL or database knowledge is required. DIG can be installed and used...



Web site development / If you require I can develop an entire web site to your specifications. I'm familiar with all aspects of site design , use...


eForcer HelpDesk 1.2.2000

eForcer sets new frontiers in web based helpdesk software and has been designed exclusively for you. Just think, when your customers use eForcer...


Query Grid 1.0

Query Grid is a Windows compatible script that allows you to intuitively ad-hoc a query data set, giving you a simple alternative to having...


Test Web Services Without Writing a Client

Test Web Services Without Writing a Client is an online ASP.NET reference for testing tools from 'Web Services Interoperability Council'WS-I. There...


e-SoftEasy Business Analytics 2.0

Create HTML/PDF Reports/Charts from multiple Database Servers. Filter, sort and group your data in any way ,create queries using your SQL...

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Sanity4J 1.0

Sanity4J simplifies running multiple code analysis tools on Java projects on an ad-hoc basis.

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omnimysql 0.0.2

omnimysql is a command line tool for DBAs needing to issue ad-hoc queries against sharded data.

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gnuOLAP 1.0

gnuOLAP is a complete OLAP GPL solution with ad-hoc queries, navigation and reporting capabilities.


Polymer 0.01.1

Design matrix for permissions-based data management applications; forms, reports, ad-hoc queries, with group-level permissions for all elements;...

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Ad hoc Java Reporting Tool 1.0

Ad hoc reporting tool written in java to be used with a JDBC compliant database and designed for the in Web Applications using JSP, Java Servlets,...


MobiSim 2

A java framework for simulating mobility models in mobile Ad-Hoc networks MANET.

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OCaml XML-RPC 0.2.8

An XML-RPC client and server, using an ad-hoc interface definition language and IDL compiler.

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Java Accumulators and Variants 4.0.beta.2

The JAccumulator package brings the convenient type conversion and ad hoc composition capabilities of Javascript to Java programming structures.

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AODV Simulator 1.0

This educational software simulates an Ad-hoc network with AODV algorithm, it uses a high level view and only works in Routing layer.

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Ad-hoc Design Studio 1.0

This project shall provide the developer with a framework to implement an ad-hoc network protocol stack based on a UML meta model.


A Framework for DSS in ad-hoc networks 1.0

This is a standard framework to evaluate Distributed Signature Schemes (DSS) in ad-hoc networks.