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Actual Spy

MAPILab Spy for SharePoint 1.0.0

Browser of SharePoint object model with support of C# context scripts. Research of real object structure, change of object properties from browser...

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Actual Attribute Price 1.0

Actual Attribute Price is designed for those of us who would rather use a product attributes actual price rather than use a calculator to figure...


Actual Analyzer Lite 3.XI

Actual Analyzer Lite is a multi-platform compatible web-statistics tool for monitoring and analysis of audience of website. ActualAnalyzer is...


Code Spy ?

Code Spy is a multi-platform compatible script that allows developers to view and debug dynamically created HTML on the client, without putting a...


My Click Spy

Increase your online profits, roi, and the general effectiveness of your website by knowing precisely which pages work best and what attracts the...



Spy.cgi shows the current date status and sends an email to the webmaster or administrator. Server Side Includes(SSI) is also available with this...


SpyName - Expired Domains Spy 2.4.2005

SpyName - Expired Domains Spy is an efficient PHP software that helps you to search your own expired domain names. It allows webmasters to start a...


Spy-server 5.I

Spy-Server is a Search engine for web sites with HTML, PDF, DOC and TXT files. Spy-Server is a Java Servlet that runs in a server Java servlet...


Virtual Screen Spy 1.2

Virtual Screen Spy is a Screen Capture Software. Similar to a surveillance camera, Virtual Screen Spy captures images / Screenshots of your...

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Version Information Spy 7.0.2

Version Information Spy displays the version information contained in an executable file or DLL. The program makes version information details...

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Spy Program Working Through INet 1.2

The spy program enabling you to control other computers via TCP/IP. Use your WebBrowser as a client.

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Actual Installer 4.3

Software developers need to create reliable windows installer packages to ensure their programs install and run correctly on end user's computers....

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Open DHTML Spy 1.0

Spy HTML pages from all perspectives: HTML Sources, DHTML DOM, DHTML Events, HTML Element structure, run javascript from inside of the page.

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MSI-Spy++ 1.0

MSI-Spy++ allows you to graphically interact with the API of a running WindowsInstaller session.


Swing Spy 1.0

Swing Spy is java based Swing/AWT spy agent that prints the widget under the cursor (like Spy++ for Windows/MFC and SWT Spy for Java-SWT).


PLT Spy 1.0

PLT Spy is a Python to Scheme translator.


MyClick Spy 1.0

This software will monitor your website's links, reporting which links are the most popular so that you can remove links that visitors are not...


Schedule Spy 1.0

Simple XML editor application for standardized ETSO V2R3 schedules used in energy market for nominations sent to e.


Blade API Monitor

Blade API Monitor, a developer spy tool, can trace and log API and ActiveX interface with parameters. It can trace any exported functions of any...

2 B 1.0

TIconDialog is a component wrapper for an undocumented Windows API function. Not only does it return the filename and index of the icon you want...

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