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Building Your Own JSP Components

The Beans are the nucleus of JavaServer Pages components. Without writing even a single line of code, developers can use the power of Java to add...


DOPC OLE for Process Control Client 2.0

OPC (OLE for Process Control) is an industry standard created in collaboration with a number of worldwide leading automation hardware and software...

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HelpTool 1.0

HelpTool is a program to create Windows help files with in an extremely easy way. You can slso generate html-pages instead of Windows help files....

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Webware 0.5

Webware is a Unix compatible suite of software components for developing object-oriented, web-based applications. The suite uses well known design...


Webware for Python 0.5

This tool contains a set of software components to develop web-based applications which are multi-threaded using the familiar design patterns such...


beanpal 1.1.0

beanpal provides a few software components to ease software development with JEE/J2EE.

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Code Conjurer 1.0

Code Conjurer is a tool which seamlessly integrates into the Eclipse Java development environment and uses the merobase code search engine to...


Music and Audio Retrieval Tools 20061005

A set of software components used to investigate and implement searching of music and audio.

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The Time Series Toolbox 1.0

The Time Series Toolbox is a set of software components that simplify the task of building applications that record, process, store and publish...

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The objective of this work is to use key concepts and mechanisms related with the software components approach.

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openSUSE i18n 1.0

Despite its name (i18n), this project is more about translating openSUSE software components (localization/l10n).


OntoMap 1.0

The OntoMap Architecture is about using Natural Language to execute users requests, implemented as software components.

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kerngen rc21012007

Kernel library is a complete set of interfaces of all the software components that constructs an operating system kernel, it is used to develop the...

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Argos Middleware Container rc

Argos is a middleware system that lets you easily create and deploy software components, webpages, widgets, J2ME applications and panels and bind...

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Network-Integrated Multimedia Middleware 2.2.0

The Network-Integrated Multimedia Middleware (NMM) is a flow graph based multimedia framework that allows to create distributed multimedia...

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My Toolbox 1.0

MyToolbox provides a comprehensive and useful set of utility software components for easying the use of various frameworks and architectures in...


Crystalline Cache Framework 1.0

The goal of the Crystalline project is to create a cache framework that can be used with maximum transparency in both persistence and business...


D-Cog: Declarative Cognition 1.0

D-Cog (Declarative-Cognition) is a Java based framework for training software components (reusable, object-oriented, interface-driven components).


DyReS 1.0

The DyReS (Dynamic Recomposition Support) framework has been developed to reduce the cost and complexity of dynamic reconfigurations by assisting a...


g1u 3

The g1u3 project is an extremely lightweight framework for gluing software components together.