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Activity Diagram Of Banking System

Sleeper component 1.19

The Sleeper component allowing to determine idle of user. It catch keyboard and mouse activity in all operating system. The OnSleep event fired...

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libsysactivity 0.6.4

A lightweight library that retrieves statistics of the system's activity in a portable and thread safe way.

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Functional Bank 1.0

Functional Bank stands for DSL (domain specific language), its interpreter and framework of core banking system creation.


Resource Meter 1.0

Program determines amount of the System, GDI and USER resources, acessible in current moment. Work and indicate same that standard Resource Meter,...

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DiskInfo 2.0

Component determines the information about specified local or a network disk - Serial number, Volume label, type of file system, type of a disk,...

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ActivityScript 1.0

ActivityScript takes an activity diagram (created with a UML tool) and executes it's contents.


Solid File System (VCL edition) 1.0

SolFS is an implementation of file system, stored in single file. SolFS has all necessary functionality, that can be found in modern file systems,...


A_Add Plasma Banner Advertiser (PBA) Pro v.2.0 2.0

Buy this script and get an opportunity to place banners of all types on your site! You?ll have detailed statistics of fees and buyings and support...


Ace ViewSource Station

Ace ViewSource Station is JavaScript by which the source code of any webpage on the Internet or on the local hard drive of your system can be...


A-Forum ISAPI application for MS IIS web server III.21

Webmasters can easily design an interactive online discussion board using this ISAPI application and it is mainly designed for MS IIS servers. This...


ASP Stats Pro Site Counter

This is a powerful online counter used for counting number of visitors ever visited to the website and who are currently online, top referers of...


ASP.NET Dating Software 2.0

This is a program which can be used by the webmasters to build a dating website. Members can have / the facilities to search their spouse by...


Awstats Log Format Creation Tool 6.0

This script is useful for webmasters to create web server statistics and displays it in graphical mode. This script shows you the given...


Bestdam Logger Deluxe 3.0

Bestdam Logger script tracks the hits and entire informations about your site visitors. After the informations are tracked it mails the entire...


Bitlog 1.I

BiTLOG Webstatistics is an online counter and it stores all statistic details of online visitors like, country name, IP address of their system,...


Bugs online II.14

Welcome to the official Bugs Online website. The purpose of this website is to demonstrate and describe the capabilities and functionality of the...


Building an Email Tracking System

This article explains about the developing of the source code to track the email and to redirect the emails. The main function of this system keeps...


C# Regular Expressions

C# Regular Expressions is a web based tutorial in which the author elaborates about the method of utilizing System.Text.RegularExpression classes...


Color Picker Ready-to-use Component 1.0

Use it to get any any possible colors in a lot of different ways, or include it into your page. This dialog contains 3 tab - you could choose a...


Coordinate User Interface Development with VB.NET and the MVC Pattern

The author explained about the usage of VB.NET and the MVC pattern. MVC Pattern allows more developers of different categories to work in...