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Activity Diagram For A Reverce Auction W

Gliding club schedule and administration 1.0

MySQL database with PHP web interface for administration and activity schedule for a glider flying club.


UML2TC 1.0

Java application for conversion from Astah Professional UML Activity Diagram to Test Cases.

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Auction aLive 1.0

This is a proprietory stand-alone application. However, it has many features built in for it's intended purpose. It's purpose was to monitor and...


Daily Stats 1.0

Perlfect Daily Stats is a web server log analysis tool that generates daily activity reports for your site. It produces breakdowns of: document...


Freelancers Marketplace Script

Freelancers Script works as a reverse auction platform and is very easy to use. Process is as follows*Service seekers / webmasters post their...


Leadhound 2.0

Leadhound is an ultra-fast, feature-loaded service, designed from the group up to be robust and yet very simple to use. / Leadhound is absolutely...


MakeBid Reverse Auction 4.50

This is for sites that require a reverse auction where each bid decreases. It features unlimited categories and subcategories, main page and...


Proton CJ 1.0.5

Internal multithreading traffic; redirect suspicious hits; redirects adjusted to the traffic; toplists; statistics; general statistics for a trade;...


RadLance - Freelance Auction Software v6

Freelance Auction Software: - Every field of business uses freelancer talent and freelance consultants to empower business connections with...


Traditional Auctions 2.0

Traditional Acctions is an application designed to handle Traditional / Auctions. Traditional Auctions is the process of auction like 'The / seller...


WAP Domain Check

For WAP Domain Check, C/w the WAP input form (domaincheck.wml) and the cgi script (domaincheck.cgi). All you need to do is to just change the URL...


WAP Guestbook

With WAP Guestbook, you can choose the number of entries you wish to show and you can also clear the entries from a browser. C/w input WAP form....


Web Service vs Web Workspace Part I

Web Service vs Web Workspace Part I is an article from the author explaining the learners about web services. The author has in particular dealt on...


WebChalkboard Auction Software 3.9.2002

The perfect solution for a forward-looking small business with products or services to auction online. Ideal for specialist markets where reaching...


BPPennyAuction - Penny auction script like Swoopo 1.0

Build your penny auction site for a few minutes! BPPennyAuction script will allow you to setup comprehensive and robust auction site like "Swoopo".

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COMPACTweb 3.0

A web design notation designed to be more lightweight than UML and to be understandable by those who do not come from a formal S/W Engineering...

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JRefactory 2.9.19

A refactoring tool for the Java programming language, it includes the JavaStyle pretty printer, a UML java class diagram viewer, a coding standards...

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ActivityScript 1.0

ActivityScript takes an activity diagram (created with a UML tool) and executes it's contents.


PyCAna 1.0

PyCAna (Python Code Analyzer) is a fancy name for a simple code analyzer for python that creates a class diagram after executing your code.


First-class Properties API 0.1

Java support for a C# like class properties w/ first-class support.

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