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Activex Send Email

ANSMTP SMTP email component 7.0 7.0

ANSMTP Object is a high performance, easy- to-use and full-featured SMTP COM Object (email component) which enables your ASP, VB, VC++, C#, VB.NET,...

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pop3 Activex Email Component 1.0

pop3 Activex Email Component is a Windows compatible script that makes it possible to send and retrieve email from your application or web site...


MailBee WebMail Pro Php 4.0

Web-based email PHP client. Rich-text editor, folders, skins, SMTP, POP3, IMAP.

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Mail Report Excel .Net 2.1

XLS to HTML conversion with the help of Net component Mail Report Excel .Net. It also allows to change cells data of XLS befor conversion and...

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Docmail Word .Net 2.1

Doc to HTML conversion with the help of Net component Docmail Word .Net. In addition it converts DOCX to HTML, RTF to HTML and TXT to HTML. It also...

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@Feedback PHP Verison

This formmail script can display preview information and handle unlimited forms and fields. It allows the webmaster to create and send email, and...


@Tell 1.0

This program allows your visitors to send email to multiple people telling them about your site.


24Mail 1.0.1

24Mail is an email programme used to send email to the webmasters. This script is also used for sending email to others. It sets cookies for spam...


ACE mail 2.0

Send email as html or text. It keeps a log of emails sent and allows for up to ten attachments.


AdesFormMail 2.I

AdesFormMail is an application in PHP useful to send email from your website with flash movies. This script validates the fields, instructs the...


Amiex - text advertisement exchange script

The Amiex text advertisement exchange script allows you to manage an ad exchange with unlimited text banners. In this script, the users are allowed...


AnyEmail 5.45

Receive and send email from any email accounts using your browser. Features include read, compose, send, reply, forward, and delete emails,...


Apply Refer 2.III

Apply Refer is a perl script which allows visitors to send email to their friends, relatives or clients about the website. This is similar to tell...


ASPevent 2.0

A Cron Service for Active Server Pages.ASPevent runs as a Windows 2000/XP/NT service that scans a MS-Access database table for events that specify...


Auto-mailer 3.2.2 3.2.2

Send email marketing campaigns to your opt-in mailing list, delete bad emails, add email addresses, edit existing email addresses, track your...


BNBBOOK Guest Book Processor Script

This is a perl guestbook program where the users can send email for each particular entries in the guestbook and can specify the required entry...



This script allows users to generate HTML based forms quickly. Users can send email to a specific email address and it uses cc that helps the users...


BS Mailing List 1.V

BS Mailing List is a script written in perl. This script allows users to create an email form on their site to send email to multiple recipient and...


Bulk Email Marketing Software 3.0

With the help of this program the users can deliver newsletter to the subscribers through email. Benefits included with this program are, users can...

Freeware contains free servlets that is very powerful for any advanced web developer and also simple to use for any servlet user. It offers...

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