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Active Ntfs Reader For Dos

jijiactive directory reports

JiJi Active Directory Reports enables Active Directory Reports for computers Active Directory Reports for OU Active Directory Reports for LDAP...

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AVI Processor 1.0

This is a program that comes with the ability to read and write the AVI files while it is in active status. It will be useful for the users in...


Active Query Builder for .NET 2.1

Active Query Builder for .NET is a component to create SQL queries easily. True two-way query builder with powerful user-friendly interface and...

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ARK for Active Directory (ARKAD) 8.4

Generating complex Active Directory Reports just got easier for your Active Directory Auditing and Reporting needs. All you need is Vyapin’s...

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4guysfromrolla .

4guysfromrolla is Macintosh compatible. ASP FAQ site with an additional ASP.NET , this also includes Message Board for help to help. Provides a...


ASPevent 2.0

A Cron Service for Active Server Pages.ASPevent runs as a Windows 2000/XP/NT service that scans a MS-Access database table for events that specify...


Big Faceless PDF Library 2.V

The Big Faceless PDF Library is a Java class library for creating PDF documents. The Extended Edition now offers the functionality to create and...


Big Faceless Report Generator 1.1.2026

The Big Faceless Report Generator is a Java component for creating PDF reports from XML. The Extended Edition includes a PDF reader for importing &...


Compact Framework Blues

Compact Framework Blues is an ASP.NET tutorial in which author gives the procedure for transferring XML data through Dataset structure. The author...


UPL Compression 1.I

UPL Compression is a library component for providing high performing compression of files in the database. It has many enhanced features like...


WebBoard Collaboration Server 7.0

This is an effective program that enables administrators to build enhanced online communities. This program comes in two editions, firstly webboard...


DireKt 1.0

Have you ever work with good-old Norton Change Directory for DOS? Now, You have exact program for Win95 and WinNT. Just type only a few letters and...

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EleCOM 1.2

Serial communication units for DOS, OS/2 and Win32. Access the modem directly (no TAPI).

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phpAbstractRecord 1.0

Yet another implementation of Active Record pattern for PHP 5.


chmosx rc

chmosx is a chm reader for Mac OS X 10.

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Lexicon Converter 1.0

converter and reader for .


RayReader 1.0

RayReader is a basic RSVP (Rapid Serial Visual Presentation) text reader for Windows (now discontinued) written in Visual C#.

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Vertical Reader 1.0

Vertical reader for Chinese(traditional) text file.

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PalmFiction 1.0

PalmFiction is free document reader for the Palm OS.

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Ezhik Reader 1.0

"Ezhik Reader" is a free reader for eBook eInk-based device known as lBook V8 or Jinke V8.

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