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Active Desktop Wallpaper

WallMaster Pro 4.0a

WallMaster Pro is an easy-to-use and powerful wallpaper management utility.You can now use any of your favorite images as your desktop wallpaper...

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Wallpaper 1.0

Component for work with Desktop Wallpaper. Allows to change Wallpaper bitmap and style of its display. Exe-demo available from

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Wallpaper Manager 1.5

Wallpaper Manager is small utility which randomly picks your favorite desktop wallpaper from specified folder every time you start your...

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phpMyAdSense(c) 1

This application provides detailed statistics of your GoogleO AdSenseO advertiser's account in real-time, using your own customized templates and...


Chameleon Desktop 1.3

Chameleon Desktop is an advanced graphical utility that will allow you to apply different artistic effects to your desktop wallpaper. Creating...

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Wallpaper Changers 1.00

A silly little program that randomly changes your desktop wallpaper. Comes in a windowed and a non-windowed version.

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WallRobot 1.0

changing the desktop wallpaper on microsoft xp system

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WallMaster 1.9c

WallMaster is the best and easiest wallpaper changer utility ever made for Win95/98 and NT platforms. Incorporated with a lot of cool and...

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LogfileTail 0.9.1

With LogfileTail you can monitor files and track changes to your log files or output files. Like the famous Unix 'tail' tool LogfileTail outputs...

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Color Gradient Generator 1.0

Create color gradient bitmaps for wallpapers or backgrounds......

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Active Art Animations

Active Art Animations supports a lot of freeware scripts that will find use in designing an appealing web page. The site is available in both the...


Dragonfly Commerce ASP Shopping Cart 1.II

Features in Dragonfly Commerce version 1.2 can be grouped into the following categories:Desktop Administrator The desktop administrator limits...


IntrCard 2.0

IntrCard is a powerful credit card validating script with an e-commerce platform. You can use this program to verify the validity of credit cards...


Syntax Desktop

Syntax Desktop is a simple and efficient publishing system capable of managing contents in an active website. The powerful template engine...


Desktop Detective 2000 1.2

Desktop Detective 2000 is the only effective solution for Monitoring and Recording User Activity on PC Systems running the Windows OS.The type of...

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WallSwap 1.1.2

WallSwap, the automatic wallpaper changer for Windows.Give WallSwap a list of pictures or point it at an entire directory of pictures and it will...

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KEOPS Btrieve for Delphi 2.0

Full access to Btrieve. No Active-X but VCL-Components. Just drop a TBTVTable component on the form, some TBTVEdits and/or TBTVGrid and you can...

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Chinese Painting - Flowers and Birds Screen Saver 1.0

See fresh flowers and cute birds paintings on your desktop.This screen saver contains 40 amazing images. The evaluation version contains 15 images,...

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Chinese Painting - Lovely Kitties Screen Saver 1.0

See lovely kitties' paintings on your desktop.This screen saver contains 51 amazing images. The evaluation version shows 20 images, also available...

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Screen Shot Maker 2.5.7

Screen Shot Maker - is a powerful screen capture application that prints screen and grabs screen shot from Windows desktop. If you want to capture...

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