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Action Script Radio Buttons

Action Script Viewer 2.0

Action Script Viewer (ASViewer) is a Windows application that allows you to see the ActionScripts in SWF files. ASViewer allows you to decompile...


Creating a DataBound List of Radio Buttons

Creating a DataBound List of Radio Buttons is an ASP.NET tutorial which helps you to create a series of radio buttons on the html page. In this...


Paypal IPN Action Script

This is a simple PHP based online shopping cart system which registers the customers of your website if they pay through the paypal system and so...


Contact Form Generator script 3.2

Contact Form Generator script is an easy-to-use PHP script for creating contact and email forms. The script allows you to create different web...

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akcanSoft Anket Cgi Script 1.I

akcanSoft Anket Cgi Script is to create a poll and survey engine on a perl supported web portals. Radio buttons, drop down combo box can be...


Drop-In Self-hiding Print Buttons for Your Reports 1.0

This is a simple yet versatile JavaScript that provides very quick and simple method to attach a print button on the top of your printable webpage....


Radio Button LeapTo I

This is visually appealing JavaScript for navigation in your website. The script uses radio buttons for each links and when the user selects the...


An Email Form Generator script 1.10

An Email Form Script is a great PHP script that can be used by anyone when a contact form has to be built. You can easily create a web form having...

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Payment Left and Right Buttons 1.1

Allows for the selection off left or right sided radio buttons for all Payment Modules during checkout.


PF Form Mailer 1.0

This script works with an already existing form and doesn't require modification to your existing form, except for the action attribute for the...


apgForm 1.II

ApgForm is a PHP script which converts the forms and saves them into Excel sheets. Online forms having feedback, comment etc., with the details of...


Datcat Database Utility

Datcat Database Utility is helpful for webmasters to build their own database table on website. This script comes with most powerful features like,...


Drop-Down Menu Generator

Drop-Down Menu Generator is a JavaScript navigation tool that can be implemented in your webpage to display a menu. The script provides radio...


eSurvey - Questionairre 2.2

Fully optioned survey script that supports unlimited surveys, a preview mode, radio buttons, checkboxes, text fields, textareas, supplementary...


Checkbox Tree in JavaScript Latest

Checkbox Tree in JavaScript is a cross browser, client side running navigation menu that displays check boxes and radio buttons inside the menu....


Mail Form 2.II

This script is useful for you to receive email from any visitors through any form. This script allows you to provide the tags in the form like...


Master Info Relay 3

This is a script based on perl which allows users to get their required files to their email addresses. This program relays the request to an...


MasterFeedback 2.0

This script provides you with a form for receiving feedback. Add your own info fields through radio buttons, checkboxes, dropdown lists, and text...


Multiple Email Addresses II

Multiple Email Addresses II is a JavaScript that provides radio buttons to select the email address. The selected email address is displayed on a...


Perl Form Mail: eMail Form Processor Pro 4.0.3

Perl Form Mail: eMail Form Processor Pro is the script available in PHP, Perl and ASP versions, that can be used to process any forms on your web...