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Action And Adventure

Creating an ASP.Net Pingback Handler

This is an online tutor which teaches the developer for creating pingback handler on ASP.NET to track the external site with the help of XML-RPC....


Dacio's Mail List 1.0

This script is simple mail list. It records email, action and date and puts it in txt file. It doesn't require any database. You can use it for...


Enterprise Server

This program allows administrators to create and manage object related framework and persistence. This program is expandable due to its flexibility...



htMailer is a mailing list script that is provided with email regulators to maintain low CPU usage. This software is very fast in its action and...


My PHP-Who is online 1.0

My PHP-Who is online is a counter script. If the action and a member ID are given, it is used to see who are online and what are they doing...


OpenRPG 0.9.8a

This game which is released under GPL including some d20 system specific game tools is a suite of tools for online and tabletop gaming. OpenRPG is...


PHP Pocket Reference

Outlines the basic syntax and structure of PHP, providing a fast-paced tutorial for learning the basics of developing web applications with PHP....


SHM Counter 0.2

SHM counter script is used to count the number of users online on your site. SHM is meant for Shared Memory. You can customize this script and it...


SQL-strings considered harmful

This is an useful tutorial for the system administrators which gives introduction on SQL strings harmful action and it guides them how to build a...


Aestel 20120226

"Information is data in action", and, consequently, having good quality data is essential.

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JTestCase 4.0.0

JTestCase uses XML file to organize multi-testcase data and asserting conditions (action and expected result), and provides a set of easy-to-use...

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js2struts rc

Use javascript to simulate the browser post/get action and reuse your code easily.

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XomWork 1.0

XomWork is a tool that falls within the category of MVC (Model-View-Controller), which basically serves to separate the user interface, data...


Security Builder Standard Edition 1.4.1

Add multiuser and user rights functionality to your Delphi/C++B application with just a few mouse clicks.Allows to control the user access to your...

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This is a Text Canvas Class constructed from TGraphicControl and uses TStringList to hold the text.The object of this Class is to place a text...

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Spices.Fortress 1.0.0

Restrict the functionality of your C# 2.0 application and create reliably protected demo and trial versions with this excellent protection tool....

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JWebAnnotation 1.0

Form opensource and use for opensource, A java pojo mvc framework ,implements by java5 annotation.


Fly-in Ads Creator n.a.

Fly-in Ads Creator is an effective marketing tool. It produces a friendly, "layer" that is not blocked by pop-up blockers

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iBDC 1.01

iBDC is a Cocoa application on Mac OS X for Chinese people to learn English interatively.


Phido - The PHP IDE 1.0

Phido (Pronounced Fido) is an Integrated Desktop Environment for PHP, made with Java for Cross-platform compatiability.