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Acnezine Review

Crystal REVS 1.32

Crystal REVS has the best code review, edit and visualization tools. It provides Flowcharts, Tokens Panel, Comment Generator, Auto-Formatting in...

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Red Queen Review Script

Put your site on the map with the most advanced product review system on the web.

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High 5 web 2.0 Review 2.1

This unique web 2.0 review software is geared towards the User Generated Content era. Visitors can create the topics for review, write reviews and...

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Review Notification 1.0

It should work whether you have the Review Approval mod installed or not.


Review Approval System 1.3

 It includes necessary hacks in catalog section and additiona functionality to admin/catalog/review section.


Better Review System 1.0

This contribution will allow you to:- Move the rating stars to display before the review text.


add delete-review box 1.0

add delete-review box allows user to activate or desactivate de review box from admin configuration


Review IP registry 1.0

Review IP registry - Modifed the initial contribution to render it fully multilanguage 


PR Review 0.01a 1.0

PR Review lets internet visitors browse through categories and add/review/rate items.


Flashcards of Fury 1.12

Flashcards of Fury is a flashcard review program written in PHP/MySQL.


Review Assistant 3.6

Review Assistant is a code review plugin for Visual Studio. The code review tool allows creating review requests and responding to them without...

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100 Links

100 Links is a Perl based script which can be used to create a Free for All links page on your website. The script contains a built in page...


5 Star Review 1.0

Expanding on a basic rating script, 5 Star Review includes the option of allowing users to add reviews to the topics you choose. Features include:...


5th Avenue Software 1.I

Robust, template-based shopping cart and online catalog builder. This software was developed for the creative web designer who wants complete...


Absolute News Manager Plugins

This is a collection of plugins that helps webmasters to improve their news functionality. This program provides four plugin tools such as...


Active Data Online eShop (for PayPal) 1.II

eShop is an ASP.NET e-commerce shop with recommender technologies. It features a shopping catalogue with unlimited sections and shelf space, a...


Active Link Engine 6.V

This is an effective program which can be used by the webmasters to run an enhanced search engine and directory link management system on their...


Adventia Chat Server .NET 1.0

Using this html- based chat tool you can create distance learning program, seminars, online training etc., This tool stores all the information...


Aleza Portal 1.VI

This is a very simple software to build and maintain search portal like Yahoo, Google etc., It allows them to index links into various categories....


Ananda Online Directory 1

Yahoo style listing and search features. You can use this software just to add links or to add software or products links . User can also add...