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Acegi Security

Acegi Security System for Spring 0.9.0

Spring Security (formerly Acegi Security) is now hosted on the Spring Framework website: http://www.

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Enterprise Middleware Services 1.0

Enterprise Middleware Services aims to provide value added services on top of popular frameworks, and libraries in JEE, such as Spring, Acegi...


TASH template application 1.0

Essentially, TASH is a Java web application that makes use of the Springframework, the Tapestry web application framework, Acegi Security and...


ExtendedSpringMVCSampleApplication 1.0

An example web application that demonstrates the ExtendedSpringMVCApplicationSupport project as a working app with Hibernate and a database.


Outlook Security Manager 1.3

It is a one-line programming tool for controlling Outlook Security. With Outlook Security Manager you can disable Outlook Security settings and...

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Advanced Security Level 6.0

Secure your PC and restrict access to it with Advanced Security Level. It gives you an excellent administrative support to control the users access...

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Folder Security 2.5.0

Folder Security is a software program designed to protect your sensitive data on internal, external and removable drives.Folder Security supports...

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eScan 2003 Internet Security Suite c

eScan 2003 ISS, working on MicroWorld Winsock Layer technology is a complete security suite providing essential protection against viruses,...

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eScan 2003 Internet Security Suite d

Complete real time security against viruses, spam and hackers.....

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Internet Explorer Security Pro 6.2

Internet Explorer Security is an utility that customizes many aspects of the Internet Explorer Web browser. It's a snap to use and provides the...

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CryptoSharp Security Library 1.01

Speed up .NET development and create secure and trouble-free code. CryptoSharp Security Library provides complete data security throughout your...

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Simple double security stated in clear simple term 1.0

As there may be security problems under certain circumstances for .


.htr IIS Security Issue

.htr IIS Security Issue is an article which guides the users or webmasters to protect their webpages hosted under Windows IIS 4.0 and 5.0. This...


Access Homeland Security Level

Just access the's Security Web Service right from your server. Just register with and upload the PHP file to your server...


Advanced Security Concepts

Advanced Security Concepts is an ASP tutorial in which author discusses about the steps involved in securing the content by enforcing security...


ASP Security Notes

ASP Security Notes is a security issue article for the webmasters and the web owners to overcome the problem and guides them to troubleshoot the...


ASP Tip : Cookie Security

ASP Tip : Cookie Security is an ASP tutorial in which author discusses about how to protect the cookies on the users computers. This article has...


ASP.NET Security

The CLR provides a security model which is layered on top of that provided by the underlying operating system. It acts as another "hurdle" one must...


Authentication and Security Mechanisms in ASP.NET Web Applications

This document discusses some of the security mechanisms and configuration options available to administrators to help secure your ASP.NET...


Authentication in ASP.NET: .NET Security Guidance

Security is one of the most essential criteria of the web developers while programming any application. Important informations should be protected....