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Accounting Softwares For Dmc S

A DropDownList for U.S. States and Canadian Provinces and Countries

This is an ASP.NET article that helps you to create a dropdown list box which has U.S. states and canadian provinces in its list. Web developers...


Qt Library for Amazon S 3

Qt Library for accessing and managing Amazon S3 data


Toolchain for M68HC(S) 8

This is a port of several development tools for Freescale M68HC08/HCS08 embedded microcontrollers families.


Ledger Accounting for Firebird/Interbase

Accounting source code for Delphi. Databases supported are Firebird 1.5 and Interbase 6.5. Reportbuilder is used for the report engine....


Live Accounting 1.0

Live Accounting is a user-friendly web, based double entry accounting system that works in all countries. With a radically designed user interface,...


PHP Multi Syntax Highlighter CODE tags for PunBB 1.0.0

This is a simple and efficient code highlighter especially designed for PunBB's. You can use this program to highlight the source codes of Delphi,...


LMD-Tools for CBuilder 3

LMD-Tools is the complete VCL (visual component library) set for Inprise's Borland CBuilder 3, including more than 160 unique components for many...

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TAgntSrvr Component for MSAgent COM Server 1.5

TAgntSrvr, a fun component that implements the interfaces for Microsoft's MSAgent COM server for interactive character agents. This version...

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SiMonCat - Simple Monitor for Tomcat 1.0

A Simple Open Source Monitor and Manager for Tomcat's Web Applications.


phpBB - Atlassian's crowd integration 0.1b

PhpBB3 auth for Atlassian's crowd.

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IdleX - IDLE Extensions for Python 1.11.2

A collection of extensions for Python's IDLE, the Python IDE built with the tkinter GUI toolkit.

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preTools Suite for Windows 2.1.1

A set of command line tools for generating on-the-fly build environments for Microsoft's Nmake, Build, and VCBuild commands.

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Translate SWF for Java

Translate SWF is Java-based compiler for Macromedia's ActionScript language.

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Translate SWF For C++ 1.0.7

Translate SWF is C++ based compiler for Macromedia's ActionScript language.

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Tomcat's simple WebXml editor 1.12

It is simple form-based editor for Tomcat's web.

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Google Maps for Echo 2

This project aims at providing a Google Maps component for NextApp's AJAX toolkit "Echo2".


Ad Hoc Network for iPod 1.0

This project will work on developing ad hoc network capabilities for Apple's iPod Touch and iPhone with goals of developing a chat program.


AspView for MonoRail 1.0

AspView is a ViewEngine implementation for Castle's MonoRail framework.


KingSmart Suite 2003

For today's hotel marketplace, ComPower Technology develops markets and distributes a complete line of hospitality software products and services....

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DPS Translation Tools 1.0

This package is a replacement for Delphi's Integrated Translation Environment. It has several features not included in Delphi's ITE, such as:This...

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