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Accounting Information Systems

OrangeHRM 1.0

OrangeHRM is emerging in line with the new generation of HR Information Systems (HRIS) and will assist you in managing your company's most...


Active Data Online GeneralLedger 2.0

GeneralLedger is a Web-based accounting information system. It provides a means to record, store and query accounting journal entries, post journal...


Collab Information Systems ??

Collab Information Systems is a multi-platform compatible database that allows the customer to access the database and with the help of Collabsoft...


Cont Ray Professional Website engine 3.V

Cont Ray is a content management system for users to modify and manage website contents as well as alter web pages. The design layout of the site...


ContRay 3.03

A professional Content Management System (CMS) which is suited to link lists, portals, Intranets and information systems, support web sites and more.


eContent 2.0

This is a tool to integrate content management, scalable content and application delivery, resource management, workflow and personalization. It...


Vocalise TTS 1.0.1

Vocalise TTS is the new character animation extension for Macromedia Flash mx 2004 that uses text to speech to create amazing talking characters. /...


Web services and J2EE connectors for B2B integration

This article integrates programmatic functions from legacy transactions into a web application to show how web services and J2EE connectors can...


DTM DB Stress 1.02

DTM DB Stress is a utility for stress testing the server parts of information systems and applications, as well as DBMSs and servers themselves....

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sandia 1.0

Sandia comes up as a final project for the Information Systems Engineering career at the 'National Technologic University' from Cordoba,...


GTM MUMPS .deb installer 1.0

dpkg/deb installer for Fidelity Information Systems GTM MUMPS.


Distributed Information System (NZDIS) 1.0

New Zealand Distributed Information Systems (NZDIS)Distributed, heterogenous, agent-based framework for intelligent/semantic information and...

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Wobzilla 0.3.1

Wobzilla is component framework for building document or form-orientend GUI-Frontends for information-systems.

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Holmes 1.0

Holmes is a development and execution platform/framework to build enterprise-class information systems based in Java (J2EE), Swing, and standard...


ProM Import Framework 7.0

The ProM Import Framework allows to extract process enactment event logs from a set of information systems.

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wiwwu LaTeX styles 57

wiwwu LaTeX styles is a collection of LaTeX classes and style files for generating term papers, theses and presentations using the design that is...

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AirOS 1.0

The aim of AirOS by Aironext is to develop an open and scalable software infrastructure for airport information systems, in order to help small...


Simple Enterprise Application Framework 1.0

Web-based Information Systems for Everybody.

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Medical Alert Prototype 131

It is a prototype for medical alerts in clinical information systems.

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Common Information Object Protocol 1.0

CIOP is the project which allows to connect [Web]Applications to each other by simple Common Information Objects and to exchange the data between...