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Account Checker

Link back Checker Lite 3.0

Link back Checker Lite is multi-platform compatible. Download any script you want whenever you want! With a professional account you never have to...


Newsletter MX made with Dreamweaver 1.0.0

Newsletter Mx is bundled with Html Editor for Composing Newsletters Online (insert tables, Form elements, Add images, Word Spell Checker and...


ArcEmu alpha website 1.0

Im creating a COMPLETE Arcemu website which will include, flag changer character unstuck, ban checker, account management page, register page, and...


@cardmax - A Complete Postcard Script 2004.1

Want to offer e-greeting card service similar to @CardMAX is your solution. Many solid features such as: My Account, Address...


Delphi Spell Checker PRO

Delphi Spell Checker PRO - The first Spell Checking Tool (expert) for Delphi. Now Check Spelling in forms, hints, TStrings and captions with one...

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Intellexer Spellchecker SDK

Add spell checker capabilities to your Windows projects! With EffectiveSoft Spellchecker SDK this is easy. The development library contains a...

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OC11-ACANA 2.0

OC11-ACANA is the online security system for websites' member area to protect the contents from Brute Force Attack and Account/Password abuse. This...

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Email Portal Script 1.0.4

Multi User Email Script enables you to start your own email website like gmail, yahoo mail, hot mail made in CGI/PERL, tested over linux servers....

20 B application 3.7

Spell check as you type lets the user see and correct misspellings while typing. Misspelled words are underlined. Web spell checker works in a...

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Back Link Checker

Backlink checker software useful for monitoring status of links of advertise which are placed on different websites and facility to send alert...

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Account Agreement Checkbox 1.3

This is a simple contribution that creates a checkbox on the create new account form which to user must check to indicate that they agree to the...


Combined login and create account page 1.2

Combined login and create account page.


New Account Email Store Owner 1.0

For my store, I wanted some way to automatically let ME know when a new account has been created.


BlockCustomerAccount 1.5

It has its function maybe for disable a customer account if the customer has not paid his bill(s)You can modify the email text as whatever you want.


Account Balance 1.0

Displays customer account balance in the admin & costumer account area.


Address account created 1.1

Getting tired of having a "customer" making false accounts I made this little modification so I was able to see the IP address of the account...


Account Balance (gift certificate redemption) 4.0

The customer can view his/her balance by clicking the link “view/change my account settings”.


Network Services Checker 0.5.0

Network Services Checker (NSC) is a PHP tool (web environment) for sysadmins to check status of services on server.


Create an account in MS active directory 1.0

This script contains the basic code to create an account in active directory that shows how to do things like set your own exension...


Plagiarism Checker X

DISTRIBUTION The software "Plagiarism Checker X" is made available for downloading for use by end users according to this license agreement. The...

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