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Accordian Panel


This is a perl written server program that offers users a web host control panel. This system helps users to manage mysql databases. Features like...


Fast Guest Book with Complete Admin Panel 1.0

Fast Guest Book is a "Dream-Solution" for all those people who want to get an Elegant Guest Book for their website in no time. Fast Guest Book is...

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kmMailPanel 1.01

The kmMailPanel component enables the Delphi developer to add a Thunderbird-like panel to their email and internet applications to easily display...

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AIGroupPanel 3.1

AIGroupPanel (3.1) provides developers with a pure extended Windows Panel component with new design features ideal for an Office or Vista style...

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PanelMeter 1.2.48

PanelMeter is an ActiveX control for VB6 which can behave like a 3D panel, a frame container, or a progress meter. Any of these behaviors can be...

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Accordion Panel V3 V3

Jumpeye's new Accordion Panel V3

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HMSPANEL is a robust control panel with optional web hosting management features for any flavor of linux. HMSPANEL is the solution for the complete...

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Welcome Message Panel 1.0.8

This mod gives you in the admin section a panel to control a welcome message on registration.


xpPanels 2.5

TxpPanel is enhanced version of TPanel in WindowsXP style. This component included in xpStyle package. Visit uor homepage to download full version...


TStatusLine VCL 2.1

TStatusLine component is an enhanced version of Delphi VCL TStatusBar. TStatusLine component provides some special panels.

LaspText -...


WinTimeDateBtn 1.0.1

Description: WinTimeDateBtn will run Windows Control Panel TimeDate.cpl as modal application relative to your application.Usage: Application...

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TAlphaPanel 1.0

The component TAlphaPanel allows cardinally to change appearance of the program, two layers and three kinds of a background (None, Image and...


Elegant MDI Interface 4.0

This component is a new elegant realiztion of the old MDI interface. All windows (MDIChild) will be presented as buttons on autohidden panel. User...


AppBar 1.6

The AppBar component lets your forms to behave like an Application Desktop Toolbar - to dock on the edges of the screen like usual taskbar or...


Rack controls 1.03

RackControls contains five components: TLEDButton: Beveled speedbutton with a state-indicating LED.
TButtonPanel: Panel with...


.Fantastic Shield 2.I

Fantastic Shield offers a dynamic solution for providing security services for your website. It features an integrated administrative panel fully...


.premodded 1.0.0

If you want to start/make you own forum but don't have the time or knowage to do it you self, .premodded is the answer. It's a premodded version of...


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@1 Multi-list Image Randomizer & Uploade

Create multiple sets of random image lists under one password-protected admin control panel. Features include image upload, image deletion, new...


@1 Multi-List Image Randomizer & Uploader 1.00

Create multiple sets of random image lists under one password-protected admin panel. Features image upload, image deletion, new random list...