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Access Same Database From Different Pc S

Member phpBB2 module for Esvon Classifieds 3.0

phpBB Users module allows to share users table between Esvon Classifieds and popular phpBB community software. Login/logout procedures are shared...


DL-Mgr (download Manager) 1.0.1

A simple download manager with optional download logging. If you have multiple downloads of the same files from different HTML documents, then one...


Diadem-D 2.1

Set of debug terminals for local and remote monitoring of systems consisting of applications which are executed simultaneously on different PC's......

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HierCube OLAP library 2.I

Main features: / - Requires no OLAP-servers to work. It's possible to install the Library on any web site with ASP.NET support. / - An ability to...



Unidirect.NET is a .NET based database tool which access data from any data provider. It can access data from multiple database from the same code....


User Engine.NET Pro 1.0

User Engine.NET Pro is a user signup and authentication system which allows you to create 'members only' area's on your website. User Engine.NET...


Conquer free

Conquer is a multi-platform compatible script that allows you to maintain your favorites in one location and you don't need to make a backup of...


ElegantJBeans - Chart and Graphs

ElegantJBeans - Chart and Graphs is an efficient online utility with which you can represent data in several chart formats. Using this tool you can...


Expinion News Manager Lite 2.V

Expinion News Manager Lite is Windows compatible. The Expinion News Manager Lite, makes it easy for you to keep your site's news up-to-date. You...


JCDatabase 1.III

JCDatabase is a database accessing software that can enable developers to use Java's write once, run everywhere feature for cross-platform...


Querying Data from Several Databases at the same time

Through an example the author describes the webmasters about data query. At the end of this article the developers can learn to search and select...


Prefix for Database Tables 1.0

The object is simple: stick a small common prefix in front of each database table in the catalog, so that you can easily tell one catalog from...


Framework JACBr 1.0

It allows PC's to have direct access to the equipments of the Brazilian trademark business writing directly to serial port or other different...


UniDirect .NET Data Provider 1.00

UniDirect .NET data provider offers universal access to data of different databases for the Microsoft .NET Framework. It supports most of major...

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AlphaTIX 1.0.6

AlphaTIXls technology provides user with highest indexing performance and a possibility to index large volume of data quickly. Fuzzy search is its...

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OmniFolders 1.0

OmniFolders is a workgroup collaboration tool with explorer-like access to documents and media files spread over PC's in the local network and...

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Visual Importer 4.9.0

Visual Importer loads data into any database from Text, Excel, MS Access, DBF files or any ODBC compliant database. It is easy to use and was...

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dbExpress driver for SQLite 3.7

dbExpress driver that defines common interface for access to SQLite from Delphi

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EMS QuickImport 1.4

EMS QuickImport Component Suite allows you to import your data to the database from files in the most popular data formats: MS Excel, MS Access,...


Active Websurvey web based survey solution 7.II

Active Websurvey is web-based survey software designed to easily create customize surveys, polls, or questionnaires. It generates the survey HTML,...