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Access Control Software

Access Control by Screen Size

Access Control by Screen Size is a JavaScript that can direct the visitors to that particular page which conforms to the screen resolution of the...


Referer Access Control 1.I

Referer Access Control is a perl built tool that can be used by webmasters to check for the links with a particualr URL page. It can retrieve all...


Access Control for BitTorrent 1.0

This project is about the creation of an access control (authenticaion and authorisation) service for BitTorrent.


Delphi access control library 1.0

This is fast and lightweight library for realisation of access control lists.


SIMPL Framework for Access Control 0.01

SIMPL Framework for Access Control

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Terrier Access Control 1.0

Terrier is a RBAC framework, business oriented and with focus on manageability and access control.


Simple Admin Access Control 1.3

This contribution very simply adds the ability to limit sub-admin users to access only certain areas of the osCommerce administrative area.


ASP.NET Access Control 1.0

In real world projects, authentication and authorization are always works that are required to be designed, planned, and implmented.


php Generic Access Control List (phpGACL) 3.3.0 b1

phpGACL is used to access your web applications. It is a permission system to access the secured files placed in your server. It has many enhanced...

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PHP Generic Access Control List 3.1.0

A simple, powerful permission system designed as a drop in solution for web developers.


Change Machine Control Software 1.0

A College Project to create a change machine that can distribute all change types in any $ amount, allowing user to input change as well as $...


Advanced Security Level 6.0

Secure your PC and restrict access to it with Advanced Security Level. It gives you an excellent administrative support to control the users access...

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EaseFilter Data Protection SDK

Protect your sensitive data with 256 bit encryption, prevent unauthorized access to sensitive files by unauthorized users or processes. Monitor the...

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User Control Package 2 Alpha 4

User management and access control. Supports data access through/to ADO, DBX, IBX, BDE, IBO, FIBPlus, ZeosDBO5/6, DBISAM and ASTA3.Access control...

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Adaptive Authentication&Password protection&Membership management 2.III

Software combines three tools ? visual directories password protection regardless of their content, member management, total user access...


Advanced Login Area Designer-Integrator

Advanced Login Area Designer-Integrator is a PHP based script with which website owners can manage all files and folders with password protection....


NewsScript 1.1.2001

This is a simple and easy to use news data management software that can be used to add, edit or delete news database. This program provides HTML...


NoteBook Lite 3.51

This software, with a notebook-style interface, is used for conducting everyday note-keeping. Encrypted password protection provides access control...

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Secure Open Source Project 1.0

The Secure Open Source Project is software for physical security and access control.