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Accelerometer Applications

Twebupdate 1.1

TWebUpdate v1.1 : Delphi 3,4,5 & C++Builder 3,4,5Description:Automatic application updates via Internet, IntranetFeatures :Automatically check for...

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TMS Instrumentation Workshop 1.4

TMS Instrumentation Workshop is a library full of components, methods and routines enabling you to create professional looking instrumentation and...

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TPlanner / TDBPlanner for CLX 1.6

Planner component for interactive scheduling applications. Items that can be resized / repositioned, multiline editable, multiple imagelist images,...

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TMS TodoList & TDBTodoList 1.2.4

- Ready to use TodoList and DB-aware TodoList for PIM applications- Features : subject, completion, priority, status, resource, notes, category,...

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FKeys 1.1

This little program lets you take control over your F-Keys in order to run your favourite applications. Put a path to this program in your...

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SSuite Classic Office 1.0

Full version of SSuite Classic Office. Contains the following Applications:E-mailMy Web Browser ProSSuite Personal OfficeSpreadsheet - MDI - ( With...

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lcGRID 0.1

Here you find the following free components for applications using grids: Basic grid with following features: Pan...

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HTMLHint 1.3.5

Gives your applications HTML formatted hints. Features:Rounded hintsHints with gradient backgroundEllipsis text in hintsVarious image formats :...

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Flexcel for .NET 3.7

The most powerful suite for native Excel file and Excel report generation for Visual Studio .NET 2003,2005 & Delphi 2005,2006 for the Microsoft...

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FlexCel Studio for .NET 3.7

# Generates Excel files from WinForms, WebForms ASP.NET, PocketPC applications, webservices on the fly and fast with FlexCel Studio for .NET#...

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Example Collection for Vivid Report 1.0

Example collection for report design component library of Vivid Report 2.0. It includes full source codes of ten applications. This applications...

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Drop Files Components 5.0

Three components are provided that enable applications to support Windows Explorer file drag and drop. TPJDropFiles is a windowed control that...

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TCanDriver for Controller Area Network 1.00.00

TCanDriver FeaturesAdd CAN functionality to your Microsoft Windows applications in a matter of seconds and shorten the development time of your...

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TCanDriver 1.00.00

TCanDriver provides easy access to the CAN bus from Borland Delphi applications. It hides the complicated low level details of the CAN driver...

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13 Components to enable seamless connectivity between Delphi and C++Builder applications and PocketPC/Smarphone devices.Components for: retrieve CE...

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ASP.NET Mobile Barcode Professional

Barcode Professional Mobile WebControl generates on-fly barcode images for ASP.NET Mobile Web Applications. It can generate the most popular Linear...

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Mobile ImageDraw

Use all the potential of GDI+ in your ASP.NET Mobile Applications. You can use ImageDraw to deliver real time dynamically generated images such as...

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Charset Detector 1.0

Charset Detector - is a stand alone executable module for automatic charset / encoding detection of a given text / file.Charset Detector can be...

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TMS IntraWeb Component Pack Pro

Over 70 components for building feature-rich web applications faster with IntraWeb 8.Includes grids, menus, datepicker, calendar, outlookbar, HTML...

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Active Sound Studio 2.2

ActiveX control developed by MultiMedia Soft that makes it easy adding sound playback capabilities to applications written with the most...

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