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Abylon Enterprise

BS/1 Enterprise 3.17

BS/1 Enterprise is a multi-currency distribution and accounting system: General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Inventory, Purchase...

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BS/1 Enterprise with Manufacturing 3.17

BS/1 Enterprise with Manufacturing is a multi-currency manufacturing, wholesale distribution and accounting system: General Ledger, Accounts...

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E/pop Enterprise Edition Server 3.0

Designed to offer instant communications to large organizations with geographically dispersed offices, the e/pop Enterprise Edition server offers a...

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WebGrid.NET Enterprise 4.0 SP3

Voted as ‘Best Grid Component’ in Peoples Choice 2005 Award, WebGrid.NET Enterprise 4.0 has set grid functions to the next level....

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WebGrid.NET Enterprise 5.0

WebGrid.NET EnterpriseŽ 5.0 redefines data visualization and editing experience through its new revolutionary features such as ExcelŽ style Column...

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iManage Universal Search & Enterprise Search 3.1

Enterprise Search is a software product provides services to professional service firms to get better result in a faster way.

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.NET Enterprise Servers Launch

This web server article briefly demonstrates about .NET based enterprise servers. The author says this .NET based web server can be used in...


An Introduction to Enterprise JavaBeans

Enterprise JavaBeans are distributed network aware components that in a J2EE environment can develop secure, scalable, transactional and multi-user...


Bitrix Site Manager - Enterprise Edition 3.III

Bitrix Site Manager - Enterprise Edition is a PHP application that helps webmasters in administering internet sales and dealer networks. You can...


Building your first Enterprise JavaBean.

From this tutorial you can learn how to build an EJB (Enterprise Java Bean) and also learn to install them on a production class, open source and...


CartGenie Enterprise Edition

CartGenie Enterprise Edition is an useful desktop aplication that enables you to create and manage shopping carts with B2C and B2B e-commerce...


Embracing the Web Part 2: Componentization and Enterprise Services

Componentization is one that is useful for integrating the software, which is discussed in this article in depth. The author explains the principle...


Enterprise Application Architecture with VB, ASP and MTS

In Enterprise Application Architecture with VB, ASP, and MTS, Joseph Moniz shares his expertise by presenting a far-reaching framework for...


Enterprise Blocks Web Controls

This is an useful database component which is used for generating professional database for enterprise sectors which allows them to access OLAP and...


Enterprise Blocks Web Site

Enterprise Blocks Web Site is a web based database application which provides major building blocks for creating several complicated web...


Enterprise Instant Messenger

Webmasters who want to keep their customers more satisfied can utilize this ASP supported Enterprise Instant Messenger program. Features such as...


Enterprise Logger 1.III

Enterprise Logger is a must have tool for Webmasters to gather a wide range of information about each visitor to your site. It provides reports...


Enterprise Mailer 2.00

Enterprise Mailer provides a mailing solutions for reaching out to millions of customers. Personalized messages to each customer can be sent in...


Enterprise Portal

Enterprise Portal is a program that can be integrated into the server, through which user can retreive all the applications for business marketing....


Enterprise Services FAQ

Enterprise Services FAQ is an article in which the author answers for the important question asked by the programmers regarding enterprise...