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Abstract Of Virtual Webmall

A Complete Virtual Shop Web Service in C#

This web service tutorial discusses about the generation of virtual shop web service in C sharp and the author say this program can be used to...


CacheRight 2.0

This is an effective program with which webmasters can maintain cache control rules for their website?s resources. This program sports features...


HoMaC 1.0 Alpha 1

HoMaC or Hosting Management Console is a script written in PHP and perl for the purpose of managing thousands of virtual web hosts. The data or...


Web site Administration with ADSI and the .NET DirectoryServices Namespace

Web site Administration with ADSI and the .NET DirectoryServices Namespace is a web based tutorial in which author describes about utilizing the...


Virtual Town project

New release of Virtual Town project. This version included primary sql-data, install, uninstall, client

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TetaPCHW 4.7

TetaPCHW is a compact shareware suite which provides Delphi/BCB programmers with standard methods for real-time access and control a set of PC...

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Virtual Serial Port Kit 4.3

Virtual Serial Port Kit creates pairs of virtual serial ports in your system which are virtually connected to each other. Physical null modem...

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Joomla Multisites 1.0

This project is aimed at somewhat advanced Joomla users that wants to be able to install one Joomla installation, and still be able to host an...


3D Aplication Logging State System 1.0

The intent is to create a sort of virtual 3D environment representing the exact application state in real time of common Java server application,...


Betting Agency 0.5.3

It can be used to guess the result of WorldCup matches in a kind of Virtual Casino.

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OperMIX Xpress Appliances 1.0

OperMIX Xpress Appliances Project is a set of virtual appliances with key open source solutions.


Zimory 1.0

The ZimoryAgent allows the management of virtual machines from a remote site.


Open Source Block Language (OSBL) 1.0.2

OSBL is a tool for programming with blocks whose goal is to be used as an educational tool in the use of programming languages, creation of...

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vmlib 1.0

vmlib is a project aimed at developing a set of classes which would aid the development and testing of virtual machines and assemblers.


Java Virtual Robot 103

Virtual Robot platform that run your Java program to control movement of virtual robot in 2D field.

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PlayputerSDK rc.0.4

Playputer SDK is open source C/C++ framework whose purpose is to help development of virtual machine libraries for playing casual games.

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VBoxTool 0.5

Easy control of virtual machines of VirtualBox (virtualization solution) on a Linux headless server.

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Pools of Virtual Boxes

Pools of Virtual Boxes (POVB) aims to make it easy to deploy Linux Condor pools on Windows based machines using Virtual Box virtual machines.

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JVix rc

JVix is a Java wrapper to the VMware VIX API, allowing control of virtual machines through a Java interface.

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VMES 1.0

The purpose of this project is to explore the different types, structures and implimentations of virtual machines that emulate real and virtual...