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Abstract Of Puzzle Game

Goofy Gopher 1.0

This is a nice version of the memory puzzle game where you have to match similar flowers in the garden. But hurry up as you have to do this before...

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Hanoi Towers Puzzle Solver 0

This program can solve the hanoi towers puzzle for any given number of disk. It is assumed that in the begining of the game,the disks are only...

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Crossword Puzzle CGI system 1.III

Crossword Puzzle CGI system lets you to create and play crossword puzzles on the website. One can easily generate crossword puzzles supplying clues...


Flash Puzzle - Dragons

Simple Puzzle is an online Puzzle game, which provides the users both enthusiasm as well as entertainment in playing puzzles. It offers the 'help'...


Peeptin the minigame 1.0

This is a JavaScript puzzle game in which you have to shuffle first the number s from 1 to 15 by clicking on the shuffle button and then restore...


Linkz 1.2.1

Linkz is a small Windows game based on KPlumber by The BerLinux on Linux. It is a puzzle game in which you must connect pieces of pipe, road,...

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Crossing 3D 1.1

Crossing 3D is a funny, interesting and enjoyable logical puzzle game. The game is done fully in 3D and looks very attractive at modern standards....

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X-Tris 1.0

A simple falling block puzzle game written in Java with the intention of being highly portable and scalable to mobile platforms, etc.


Blackjack Online 1

An online version of the game blackjack.

Shareware - Technical Case Study

The site is the online companion to the wildly successful Halo 2 video game for Xbox, released in November 2004 by Microsoft. The site...


Crazy Blocks 1.1

Combine speed, spatial reasoning and elementary mathematical skills and you will certainly win. This is the main principle of Crazy Blocks Game. It...


DHTML puzzle!

DHTML puzzle! is a puzzle game in JavaScript. You can supply any picture into this game and it will be automatically cut into 9 pieces creating a...


Dragon Mad Libs 1.0

An online version of the game Mad Libs. It comes with 20 stories already created and you can create as many as you'd like.


Find Pairs -

The crux of this game is to find all pairs of hidden images. This is a pretty good memory trainer because all you need to be in success is to...


Free Lords 0.3.2

Free Lords is a game which is used as amusement tool. This program is built in C language. The main function and play of this game is, users have...


Gamedata Module 1.0

The Gamedata Module is a simple and easy to use PostNuke Module script witten using PHP. You can see a working demo of the gamedata module in the...


GameIntellect 1.0

At the first glance the idea of the game is as in Classic Tetris - to fill horizontal lines of the game pits with the falling pieces. More lines...


Gold Fighter 1.III

Gold Fighter is an entertainment software built in PHP allowing users to play online E-gold games. This game program is enriched with several...


gsQuery 0.1.1

This library is capable of querying game servers and returns various things like current map, players (with score, ping, etc.) and more. With this...


Hangman in ASP.NET

This is an article stating about how to generate a hangman game using VBScript in ASP.NET. The author discussed about the code of hangman game in...