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Abstract Of Project In C For Brick Game

GenericTree 1.0

This project contains functionality, written in C#, for creating graphical trees in C#.


FloatBox Layout Control 1.0

FloatBox Layout Control is project written in C# for painting to separate float dockable boxes (windows).


SynthEdit VST Modules 1.0

This project will provide open source high level, modules, written in C++, for use with the SynthEdit VST creator.


FormRunner 4.0

Web developers can utilize this formrunner to present high end CGI development service. This tool can be easily handled by the developers, they...


Hyper Build 2012

Hyper Build enables companies, software developers and build managers to automate their software build, testing, deployment and release process....

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Advanced Send and Receive Sonic MQ C# 1.0

AdvancedSendandReceive is a well featured SonicMQ client application implemented in C# for Sending and Receiving of JMS messages.

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CDataStruct 1.0

An implementation of data structures in C, for now there is a a dynamic list and stack, the rest are to come.

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C++ PDF Lexer 0.5.2

Simple header-only library written in C++, for lexical analysis of files in PDF format

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A quick-basic like IDE written in C, for a variety of languages.


RealmForge (now Visual3D Game Engine) 0.6.2

The first 3D game engine built in C# for .

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uIrcBot 0.1.0

uIrcBot is a irc bot written in C++ for windows and unix.

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Open Super C Compiler 1.0

The Open Super C Compiler is written in C++ for high modularity, ease of use and understanding.


NVelocity - A .Net Template Engine

NVelocity is a template engine written in C# for .

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adatoccpptranslator 1.0

Adatoccpptranslator is a software developped in C++ for Linux, Solaris and Windows which convert Ada 83/95 source code to comprehensive,...

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OpenMedic 1.0.0.alpha

OpenMedic is a set of open source software and hardware building blocks written in C# for building computer-based medical instrumentation and...

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Box Social 1.0

Box Social is a piece of Open Source Social Networking software written in c# for the Microsoft .


JQFramework 1.0

JQFramework is a set of classes designed to ease the production of highly parallel code in C#, for use on multi-processor systems and/or grid and...


Recursive Object Serialization Templates 1.0

This library is a set of template classes and functions written in C++ for the purpose of simplifying the tedious, and error prone, task of writing...


Servers Development Kit (SrvDK) 1.0

Servers Development Kit (SrvDK) is an open source library, written in C#, for quick creation of effective and robust multi-client TCP servers.


Lite Serializer 1.0

Lite Serializer offers a simple and clean platform independent interface for binary serialization of objects in C++.