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Abstract Of Online Banking Models

Internet Online Banking 2.5

A module that will send shops bank details to the customer's e-mail, to allow them to pay by Online Banking.


UseMyBank 1.1

Enabling Instant Online Payments for millions and millions of online banking consumers!



Easy3DESCrypt is a javascript program capable of encrypting data and used in online banking and credit card applications. This program uses CBC...


PIMs 1

PIMed is a tool for the creation of presentation models and presentation interaction modelsOnce models have been created the tool can be used to...

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ESmooth 1.0

ESmooth is an Eclipse plugin that allows to define model transformations of EMF-based models with Abstract State Machines.


Pharmacy System 2.0

Pharmacy System is a php software product especially designed for creation and mana of online pharmacy websites. In addition to the standard...

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Glossary of International Banking & Finance 9984921700

Ideal for any business traveler, this glossary covers topics relating to banking and finance - from office practice to stock market and accounting...


Affiliate Logic

The very latest Affiliate technology allows you to do things never before possible. Affiliate Logic was designed for the individual Affiliate who...


AMF FlashChat 1.0

Welcome to the new age of online chatting! This chat system was created using AMFPHP technology, thus AMF FlashChat (this might be re-named to...


ASP .NET Barcode Web Controls

ASP.NET Barcode Web Controls is a tutorial which explains you the procedure for creating barcode controls through which you can generate dynamic...


Bitlog 1.I

BiTLOG Webstatistics is an online counter and it stores all statistic details of online visitors like, country name, IP address of their system,...


Blog Modification List 0.2.3

Blog Modification List is an ultimate weblog script of online diary and journal systems designed with stylesheets. Using this script you can also...


Browzin'! 1.II

Browzin'! is based on PHP script. It is an online counter script. It used to calculate the number of online visitors who visited your site. It is...

Freeware - Technical Case Study

The site is the online companion to the wildly successful Halo 2 video game for Xbox, released in November 2004 by Microsoft. The site...


Clear 10 Hurdles to Web Services Success

Clear 10 Hurdles to Web Services Success is an ASP.NET reference article dealing on the methods of improving the enabling technology of online...


Counter Statistics 1.00

Counter with Statistics is an online tracker of visitors who ever is online. This script is used to view the statistic details of online visitors...


Creating Your Own Objects

An easier means of online tutorial for the Jscript learners to learn the ways to create objects of their own in JScript. Step by step procedure...


DealershipTemplates .

DealershipTemplates is Unix compatible. is the ultimate source to get your auto - motorcycle - rv dealership inventory...


Devx Forum

You can access this web based realtime discussion forum to get deatiled info about web development tools like .NET programs and other high level...


e-Accountant Pro

e-Accountant Pro is an e-commerce software designed to support the online orders placed for your e-stores. This script provides unique data entry...