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Abstract Of Cricket Database

Perfect Software to Fix SQL Server

The SQL recovery is one such process that provides uncomplicated yet right solution for corrupted or damaged SQL server database. This SQL recovery...

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TinyDBManager 1.0

Library to abstract the implementation of the use of the database, and use it as object oriented.


Brilliant Database Professional 4.6

Brilliant DB Pro is an all-in-one tool for quickly creating databases that can help youwork with any type of data. Design all aspects of your...

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Brilliant Database SDK 4.6

Brilliant DB SDK is an easy-to-use tool for creating end-user executable databaseapplications. Design all aspects of your database (Forms, Reports,...

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dbDeveloper 2.06

dbDeveloper is a visual development tool for multiple databases. With the intuitive and powerful interface it allows you to explore, create and...

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NexusDB Client/Server Lite 1.08

The Lite version is free for use in all types of projects, personal or commercial. It comes with packages and dcus, no source. Programs made with...

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Multilanguage Database Design in MySQL

This tutorial describes most popular techniques of creating database for multilanguage web sites. Building a multilanguage website is not a trivial...

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Database Schema for DB Designer 1.0

This contribution intends to provide a schema of a database for database designer software.


Empty Database 1.0

This contribution will empty all of the test data out of the database and will reset the auto increment fields to start from 1 again.


Prefix for Database Tables 1.0

The object is simple: stick a small common prefix in front of each database table in the catalog, so that you can easily tell one catalog from...


A Real-World Example of Caching Data in the Application Object

From this article you will able to understand the limitation of using database for storing web content and the effectiveness of application-level...


ABTi Guest Book 1.0

ABTi GuestBook is to maintain the visitors email addresses by the administrator. It gets user inputs and writes them to a file and that can be...


Accessing MySQL Database with ASP.NET

Accessing MySQL Database with ASP.NET is a tutorial which shows the step-by-step process of installing the MySql database, creating a table in the...


ACME Mail Manager 1.0

ACME Mail Manager was written to address webmasters' needs for an easy to install, and yet versatile mailing list program. Only consists of two CGI...


ADO - Getting a Database Schema

In this online article the author explains about the procedure to open a database, then getting the views and tables of the database, selecting the...



ADO to ADO.NET is a tutorial which explains you to access the records of the database using the objects of both ADO and ADO.NET. ADO helps you to...


ADO.NET, COBOL and Stored Procedures

ADO.NET, COBOL and Stored Procedures is a tutorial which contains more details about the stored procedure and how to get the data of the database...


Apex SQL Log I.27

Apex SQL log is a software which analyse the MSSQL server transaction log and allows auditing the content of the database and by displaying the...


Aqua Data Studio 1.V

Aqua Data Studio is a sophisticated Query Analyzer that can allow users to develop and test scripts, involving detailed client statistical details...


ASP .NET - The Repeater Control

ASP .NET - The Repeater Control is an useful web based tutorial through which beginners can learn about the ASP.NET repeater control. The repeater...