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Abstract Of Bank

Cheques - Control of bank account 1.5

This project is use for to register data of bank account.

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Bank of America eStores Module 2.3

Apparently, credit cards would AUTOMATICALLY be charged with this feature enabled, even with INVALID CVV numbers, expiration dates, etc.


UK Direct Bank Transfer 1.0

This module is a simple drop in payment module to allow customers in the UK to do a direct bank transfer, the customer email and final checkout...


Abstract methods/classes 1.1

The point is that python doesn't have a notion of abstract methods.


Abstract Anti-Spam 1.0

If you display an e-mail address on your site, the spammers use their automatic spam bots to search through your pages, 'harvesting' your e-mail...


Click Bank Toolkit ?

Click Bank Toolkit is Windows compatible. Script to allow you to run multiple web sites with separate affiliate links, all with a single ClickBank...


Code Bank

Code Bank is an article in which the author gives information about XML classes. In this tutorial the author gives group of System.Xml classes,...


PACPAY PLUS (Paypal to Money Order/Bank Drafts/TT) 1.0

'PACPAY PLUS' is a full featured online system which rides on the widely adopted e-payment facility - PAYPAL. Currently PAYPAL takes care of...


Specter - Abstract Arithmetics Library 1.2

Specter - Abstract Arithmetics Library (AAL) is a library written in native C which is able to do operations with numbers of virtually unlimited...

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Public Domain Knowledge Bank 1.0

PDKB is an Artificial Intelligence Knowledge Bank of commonsense rules and facts.

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FBML (Food Bank Markup Language) 1.0

FBML (Food Bank Markup Language) is written using XML, and will have an application written in Python to enable the use of FBML in the background;...


Functional Bank 1.0

Functional Bank stands for DSL (domain specific language), its interpreter and framework of core banking system creation.


Java Abstract Modeler 1.0.0.beta

Swing-based abstract frame or applet for visual manipulation of objectsand links between objects

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Data Abstract

Data Abstract is the innovative and RAD multi-tier solution for .NET and Delphi. Building upon the RemObjects SDK, it allows you to create...

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Abstract Preloader

Abstract preloader- one ring for each 25% loaded.

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BPPos - Point of sale script 1.0

BPPos is a web-based point of sale software that can help small businesses keep track of customers, sales and products. The system uses cash,...

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Out Of Stock Notification 1.6.2

The Out-of-Stock Notification is a Magento extension which allows the store owners to show a message for the Out-of-stock products, indicating the...

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CV Bank 1.0

CV Bank is a software product for building CV (resume) repository websites the users can upload or create their CVs online and the recruiters can...

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Abstract Zones 1.0

The Abstract Zones module provides an efficient way to associate products and categories with shipping, payment, order total modules and in general...


Danish Bank Transfer 1.2

This is a very simple payment module that allows your customers to pay by Bank Transfer or Deposit.