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Abstract For Voice Over Lan

VoicePulse Global Provisioning System 0.1

VGPS is a PHP/MySQL based provisioning system intended to generate vendor-specific configuration files for Voice-over-IP (VoIP) devices via a...

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Sitescape Enterprise Forum 7.I

SiteScape Enterprise Forum is an useful and important utility for organizations globally. This tool is basically used for communicating with co...


Network Multimedia Lib NMM 1

NetWork Multimedia (NMM) library allows transfering voice over TCP (VoIP) including voice broadcast and control remote PC. Requires Indy. Prefered...

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Animated Menu Two Java Applet 1.0

Animated Menu Two Java Applet is a menu navigation system that can create animated button bars in your web page. This supports GIF or JPEG image...

Shareware Chameleon Java Menu Applet 2.0

Chameleon Java Menu Applet is an extremely powerful menu solution for your web site navigation. Now you can create beautiful menu designs and still...



This is a program which can be utilized by the users for viewing and modifying their RSS feeds at all times. This program will be useful for any...


Deploying an ASP.NET App Using Visual Studio .NET

Now the webmasters could install an ASP.NET application with the help of VS.NET through reading this online tutorial. The users could know about...


Image Transition Menu

This script can be used by the webmasters to build their websites with some visual effects. It creates text effects for mouse over menus. Users can...


JET Net 0.91

JET Net is a collection of packages of the Java API for communication over standard internet protocols. This application supports HTTP with full...


JProxy 1.0.3

JProxy is a Java application implements an integrated object model that can allow you to design your connectivity solution JProxy supports a...


mod.ftpdb 27.I.02

a ftp server list for your next lan-party. users can add their server address to the list which will update every server's up/down state...


MoeMusic 0.3.1

Moe Music is a frontend webbased to mpg123.MySQL is used as a backend database to store songs and keeping queues.It is intended to use anywhere...


TgnCoolMenu 3.0

Have you bored to use standard menus? Than spend some time and take a look at this VCL.Each header or item can have the own background color and...

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SealZip 2.0

This is a simple program to encrypt, or Seal letters and messages for transmitting over the internet. The recipient must use the same message Key...

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Repeating alternator 1.3

This script is a generator for cycling over a set of values.


Ruby like syntactic sugar 1.0

Ruby offers very nice language constructs for loops or for iterating over lists like the following: 5.


Real Time Collaborative Editor (RTCE) 1.0

A Real Time Collaborative Editor that lets you edit a single document by multiple users over LAN / Internet .


JPownce 1.0

A public API for Pownce over Java.


vRules4j-Java Object Validation Engine 1.0

vRules4j--The best completely Object Oriented Java Object Validation/Decision Rule engine,which is born for taking over all validation...

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Free Internet telephony made easy! conaito VoIP ActiveX SDK

conaito VoIP ActiveX SDK for developers of VoIP audio applications and webpages - Now new: Mic Boost, Encryption Voice & Text, Voice Conference...

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