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Abstract For Payroll System Project

Dada Mail 2.8.2011

Dada Mail is written with perl script. This is used for small and medium business and personal sites. To use this the user do not need any...


Enterprise TimeSheet and Payroll 1.I

The Enterprise TimeSheet and Payroll system is an open source software solution for enterprise payroll needs. This script helps you in building...


FileCMS 1.IV

FileCMS is a file-based Content Management System project. / With this you cann add images to every topic from the /img directory, / you can add...


PRE Business Management System 2.V

Pre Business Management System is consists of complete Customer Relationship Management System, project tracking system, inventory control system...


Lidgee 1.0

Lidgee is an Content Managment System wich is written for an Private Project.


Distributed Peer Review Plugin for TRAC 1.0

Distributed peer review plugin for the Trac project management system.

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TimeSheet Constructor 2.1

Automatic calculation of working hours for a certain project. Track down those valuable billable hours. Print reports, sheets, export to html &...

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NateOffice 0.5.0

NateOffice is a PHP-based flexible software package for contact management, project management, and team collaboration.


Security Management System 1.0

A management system for sensitive system and security information.


PBonhomme eXtended Framework 1.0

Generic Web Services and framework for developers and project managers.


Project Sparroh rc.0.01.5

Project-Sparroh is a hobby operating system project.

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Virtual Application Environments 17

Long term hosting for my dissertation project.

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.NET ICMP & Ping Component 3.0

.NET ICMP/Ping Component is helpful for the system administrators to ping the remote server, router or any type of network devices using IP...


2Checkout Payment Management

2Checkout Payment Management allows users to receive payments or their revenue through by passing the invoice and the order number...


Absolute Project Manager 1.I

This is a program built on ASP, programmers can utilize this tool for managing their project. This program organizes the projects and sort projects...


Ad & Popup Killer

This is a software based on php where popups and ads are stopped to provide security for the system which performs server access. This script...


Advanced Listmaster 2.I

Advanced Listmaster enables the perl site webmasters to access multiple mailing list for subscription system. Larger mailing list supports batch...


b3 Feedback 3.0

b3 Feedback is a collection of perl modules that provides flexible features to rate and publishing rating result in different format. This script...


Bullschmidt ASP Web Database Sample 2.0

A sample Web database can give you ideas about tying everything together and can even be used as a starting point for a Web project.Login and add,...


dotEtiveFTP 1.0

dotEtiveFTP is a networking tool which is helpful for the system administrators who want to transfer their data from their local desktop to remote...