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Abstract For Internet Java Mini Project

Advanced Installer For Java 1.IV

Advanced Installer For Java 1.4 is a Windows Installer authoring tool with built-in support for Java applications, integrating them fully into the...


Internet Shopping with Java ?

Internet Shopping with Java is a multi-platform compatible Java Applet that provides a complete user interface package for Internet Shopping Web...


IP*Works! Java Edition 5.0

This java bean provides more than 30 royalty free controls that makes it the perfect tool for Internet/intranet development. The components...


IP*Works! SSL Java Edition 5.0

IP*Works! SSL Java Edition with 15 pure java beans for Internet programming is a development tool. The easy to use SSL enabled components in this...


JManTools 1.0

The JManTools project is design to provide docbook to manpage conversion for the java community.

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DBF Black Box 1.0

A Java-based project for reading and writing on Xbase -- DBF (dBase III / Clipper) file.

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MagicJAD 1.0

This project purpose is to build a tool for creating Java ME Application descriptors from scratch or from an existing Java ME application JAR file.


Building Parsers with Java 1.0.0

BPWJ is Java package that allows users to quickly develop parsers for application specific mini-languages.

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JavaAnnotateR 1.0

A simple tool to help you create an R interface for your Java project.

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JUnit Test Files Maker 1.0

Its purpose is to help the programmer in generating the test cases for each java file and creating controllers including junior controllers and...

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POJO generator for APPFUSE 1.0

The POJOgen is a small tool to generate Java Code (a POJO) for an APPFUSE-based project from a DDL file, which is created from a ER diagram by...


Visual leJOS development toolkit 1.0

The project contains a eclipse plugin for developing java applications for leJOS, the Java virtual machine for Lego mindstorms NXT.


Eclipse Babel Project 1.0

This project is an Famous project in the FOSS community and Eclipse is also well known for its Java IDE.


tree-model-framework 1.0

This project aims in developing a framework for the java developers who wants to model their business objects as a node in a tree hierarchy.


Rhino Components 1.0

This project develops Mozilla Rhino Components which are essentially wrappers for common Java components/resources/API's.


Distributed Reduced Object Caching 1.0

This project provides a framework for caching Java RMI objects.


Lightweight J2ME APP Framework Period 1

In this project, we'll provide a lightweight framework for J2ME(Java ME) application developers.


XDFProject 1.0

eXtensibility Developer Framework, this framework is based on the "Extensibility" design pattern, the main idea is abstract all the...


AceEncryptX ActiveX Control 2.03

AceEncryptX Control is a royalty free tiny secure encryption COM object for Internet file delivery and MS Windows 95/NT/98. It uses DES/Blowfish...

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Amethyst Network Library 0.1.2

The Amethyst Network Library is a Java-based network library developed specifically for the Java platform.

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