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Abstract For Internet Banking Mini Proje

Add-in Express for Internet Explorer 2010

All-in-one framework that provides a simple and quick way to customize Internet Explorer with your own browser extensions. You can extend the IE 6,...

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Demo toolbar for Internet Explorer (IEDemoToolbar) 3.0

This toolbar will be useful for Delphi developers as a framework for their own toolbars.

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WHOIS toolbar for Internet Explorer (WHOISToolbar) 1.0

This toolbar allows to receive the WHOIS information about current page in Internet Explorer.

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Demo button for Internet Explorer (IEDemoButton).

This demo program allows to add the button into Internet Explorer standard buttons toolbar (where Go back, Go forward, Stop..... buttons). Unlike...

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Demo toolbar for Internet Explorer (IEDemoToolbar).

This toolbar will be useful for Delphi developers as a framework for their own toolbars. Main features: 1. XP themes support. 2. Chevron support....

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Unit Test Framework for Internet Explore 1.0

IeUnit is a simple framework to test logical behaviors of web sites.

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Internet Cafe Software - Internet Caffe 4.9.2004

Internet Cafe Software has features necessary for cafe owners - it provides full billing and income control, locks unused computers, generates...


Internet Shopping with Java ?

Internet Shopping with Java is a multi-platform compatible Java Applet that provides a complete user interface package for Internet Shopping Web...


SecureBlackbox (Delphi) 3.0

SecureBlackbox (VCL edition) is the comprehensive component collection for Internet security. SecureBlackbox is split to several packages: *...


CyberCart 7.01

CyberCart is a form-based, multi-merchant shopping cart script written in Perl designed especially for internet service providers or web consultants.


Delivering on the .NET Vision

Delivering on the .NET Vision is a reference guide which describes about Microsofts vision of developing .NET as a complete solutions for web based...


DeskLance - Revoultionary HelpDesk/Ticketing System 2.0

DeskLance is a HelpDesk for Internet companies that require communicating with their customers. Includes Admin Area, Staff Area, Member Area. With...


Dissolving Dynamic Menu 1.0

Take a look at this DHTML menu effect created for Internet Explorer. This menu utilizes a dissolving, IE filter effect that will look great in your...


EBA: Grid Control V2 2.0

EBA: Grid Control V2 is a lightweight, robust Javascript data grid component for Internet Explorer. It's ideal for online manipulation of financial...


Flashberry Intro Builder 1.0

Flashberry allows you to design and download flash intros by combining free templates - movie clips, images, text effects and sound - with your...


FMProdConf -

FMProdConf is a product configurator for internet shopping.


Frameless Popup Maker 5.0

Frameless Maker 5.0 creates code for "frameless" windows, including full screen, pop-up, and pop-under windows for Internet Explorer browsers,-...


GeoDirection -

GeoDirection is a free service that dynamically redirects internet surfers based on their geographic location. This JavaScript redirection tool is...


IAPlatform PHP Framework 0.2 pre

IAPlatform is a base framework nesting many other internet applications (as extensions), enabling interaction with them and bringing a whole new...


IIS Dev Event Calendar 1.0

This is an ASP-based event calendar application designed for Internet Information Server 4.0 and ADO 2.0. It features password protected Web admin...