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Abstract For Flightreservation System

SQL-strings considered harmful

This is an useful tutorial for the system administrators which gives introduction on SQL strings harmful action and it guides them how to build a...


Telnet Factory for .NET

Telnet Factory for .NET networking component is helpful for the system administrators to link their system with other system using telnet protocol...


User Engine Lite

This is a user management program where the users can login from a database which is editable in MS Access 2000 database with ASP. This program is...


ZIFT ASP Affiliate Program 1.02 1.II

ZIFT Affiliate Program is an ASP based application that uses a single-table MS Access Database. / It has 12 interactive pages for the end user and...


SisInfo 3.00

Delphi unit for access system information. Uses API. For Win32 only. Comments and example added.

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TSysMon 1.0

Provides an interface for the system performance monitoring functions in Windows 95, 98, NT. Free for non-commercial use......

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Simple IP Calculator sub/sup networking 0.0.4

Simple IP Calculator sub/sup networking is versatile tool for network/system administators as well as general users (implemented in a single file...


IWIR Tool 1.1.11

IWIRtool is Java-based implementation of an IWIR toolset for workflow system developers.

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mini JPEG codec 1.0

A minimum JPEG encoder and decoder for embedded system with limited CPU resource.


Law Office Essentials (formerly LF2) b

Law Office Essentials (LOE) is a law firm case management system, which sets no requirements for operating system or database server.

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Security Management System 1.0

A management system for sensitive system and security information.


wxHexEditor rc

wxHexEditor is another Hex Editor, build because of there is no good hex editor for Linux system, specially for big files.

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Debug Malloc 5.4.2

The debug memory or "dmalloc" library has been designed as a drop in replacement for the system's malloc, realloc, calloc, free and...

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Orome 0.1

Orome is a tool for automating System or Acceptance tests (also Unit test though this is not the focus) for web-based systems.

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Open Perl Compiler 1.0

The Perl Compiler for Linux system


Watkins Glenn Full Course 1.0

NEW startup sofware needs help attempting to use TORCS in our pitch to global motor sport teams for our system.



LIBNATSPEC is a collection of functions for requiest variouscharsets and locales for host system and for other system.

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EmbeddedGUI 0.6.2

EmbeddedGUI is a GUI library for embedded system.

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Interfaccia 1.0

Application for embedded system.

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Modulized Pages Environment 1.0

Modulized Pages Environment for embedded system.

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