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Abstract For Complete Banking System

Car Rental Script 2.0

Car Rental Script is a complete reservation system for rent-a-car companies. With this online car rental software you can easily embed a powerful...

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Avidnews V1.0 1.0

Avidnews V1.0 is Unix compatible. AvidNews, is the perfect solution for any webmaster, that wants more from their websites news and articles....


Cigmas Advanced CMS 1.2b

A CMS for gaming web sites that features unlimited language packs, VB3, IPB, and phpBB2 forum integration, unlimited custom fields of textboxes and...


Editio Interdum 1.0

A complete editorial system designed exclusively for digital press, featuring professional editing of electronic newspapers. It's useful for...


Jiro's Banner System Experience 1.0

The webmasters can now leave the complete banner management sytem to this Jiro's Banner System Experience. This banner system support multi...

Shareware Safelist Basic 1.III Safelist Basic is multi-platform compatible. This is free version include Safelist basic only which allows you to run a complete...


PHP Computer Store 1.0

This PHP shopping cart is designed for those sellingcomputers, accessories, parts, software and related products online. For theadministrator this...


PHP SmokeShop 1.0

This custom shopping cart is designed specifically for thoseinterested in selling cigarettes, cigars, smokeless chew and related productsonline....


PHPTB Topic Boards

This bulletin board system allows webmasters to create an online community with ease. The whole project right from design down to the coding has...


PHPTB Topic Forums 1.0

PHPTB Topic Board is a PHP bulletin board system which allows webmasters to create an online community with ease. The whole project right from...


Symbio 1.6.1

A complete commenting system for your web site. It's fully themable and includes polls, smileys, layout tags, stats, IP banning, multiple languages...


TicketAssistant 2.0

A complete ticketing system designed to offer an organized way of keeping track of visitor questions, members' requests, or support for your...



Request and Response Tracking system was designed to allow companies to track user requests. Since ISMRR allows for complete customization, there...

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E/pop Enterprise Edition Server 3.0

Designed to offer instant communications to large organizations with geographically dispersed offices, the e/pop Enterprise Edition server offers a...

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powNews 0.7

powNews is a complete blogging system written in PHP, using Smarty PHP Templates.


qfuture 1.0

QFuture is convenient tools for users,it offers a complete plugins system,you can use it to coding,debug,project manager,download,brower etc.


Kura 2.2b

Kura is a complete, professional system for the handling of linguistic data, especially fieldwork data from small-corpus languages.

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Coati CMS 1.0

Coati is an open source PHP/MySQL based Content Management System that strives for complete separation of code from content, ease of use, and a...


Functional Bank 1.0

Functional Bank stands for DSL (domain specific language), its interpreter and framework of core banking system creation.


ThreeCheck 1.0

A complete typechecking system for Python 3000.

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