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Abstract For Bus Reservation System In C

2D / 3D DXF Import .NET

DXF Import .NET is an easy-to-use API for reading AutoCAD DXF in C# and VB.NET applications. It is completely programmed in C# and supports the...

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IronMeta 2.3.4440.28043

IronMeta is an implementation of Alessandro Warth's OMeta metaprogramming system in C#.

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Relacy 1.0

Relacy is a framework for agent-oriented programming in C++.


Relacy Agents 1.0

Relacy Agents is a framework for agent-oriented programming in C++.


Building ASP.NET User and Server Controls, Part 2

Building ASP.NET User and Server Controls, Part 2 is an informative article which helps you to know how to create custom controls. The author also...


cgihtml 1.66

A freely available library for writing CGI programs in C. First released in July, 1995, and still actively maintained. Was named one of PC...


EndEventHandler Delegate

This web based tutorial expains you about the ASP.NET EndEventHandler delegate. In this tutorial the author gives you the syntax for using this...


IHttpHandlerFactory Interface

This is a simple tutorial where users can find information about the members of the IHttpHandlerFactory interface of ASP.NET. This interface is...


XappServer rc

XappServer is an application server designed to make it easier for web application development in C++.

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RainDoll Easy Encryption Software 1

RainDoll aims to be an implementation of a symmetric-encryption utility for desktop users written in C#/.

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GenericTree 1.0

This project contains functionality, written in C#, for creating graphical trees in C#.


RenderStack 1.0

RenderStack is a support library for OpenGL 3+, currently in C++.


Unix daemon 'C' template 2.3

Template for creating Unix daemons in 'C'.

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Thai word segmentation utility 0.5.1b2

Word segmentation utility for Thai language written in C

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Software for at least Win32 and Linux. 1.0

osi: Examples for creating software written in C++ that uses GTK+2.

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Dave's Unit Test 0.8.3

Dave's Unit Test (DUT) is a simple infrastructure for doing unit testing in c and c++.

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PdbCVS 1.0

PdbCVS is a CVS client for PalmOS devices, written in C.


Ex Ovo 1.0

Ex Ovo is an experimental Window Manager for X Window System in the early stage of development.


LJCdotnet 1.0

A windows client for Live Journal written in c# on the .


kNOdeps 1.0

kNOdeps is a tool for managing #include-dependencies in C/C++ projects.