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Abstract For Atm System Project

The Really Useful Program for Setting Delphi Project Options 1.0 Beta

Set project options for a group of Delphi projects in one step:Set up the options on screen, then apply them to your selected projects.Includes the...

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Cluster Control System: Project Mu b.alpha

A LDAP based cluster control system that allows the deployment and administration of heterogeneous clusters.

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Yellow pages for nuke system

This yellow pages module is a script which developed for PHP Nuke as addons. The main features of this script are, enter/ remove the entries,...


Maui Abstract User Interface System 1.2.2

Maui is a server and a Java Swing-like API for creating user interfaces that deploy easily to multiple devices.

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PRE Business Management System 2.V

Pre Business Management System is consists of complete Customer Relationship Management System, project tracking system, inventory control system...


Distributed Peer Review Plugin for TRAC 1.0

Distributed peer review plugin for the Trac project management system.

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Security Management System 1.0

A management system for sensitive system and security information.


Project Sparroh rc.0.01.5

Project-Sparroh is a hobby operating system project.

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Absolute Project Manager 1.I

This is a program built on ASP, programmers can utilize this tool for managing their project. This program organizes the projects and sort projects...


JDBC wrapper: A quick data access solution for simple programs

With JDBC you can access databases from a java program. For any big project you will like to use JDBC for every program. It may seem overwhelming...


php project management software

Easily create and edit project details with web-based project management software. Customize your project categories and the project status options...


Telnet Factory for .NET

Telnet Factory for .NET networking component is helpful for the system administrators to link their system with other system using telnet protocol...


Java Reverse-Engineering for Eclipse 1.0

Java reverse-engineering plug-in for Eclipse Modelling project.


Richfaces Maven Project Eclipse Plug-in 1.0.0.beta

Eclipse plug-in for Richfaces Web project with maven support.

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Project Dark Flare 1.0

Project Dark Flare is a collection of support services and libraries for use with Project Darkstar, Sun Microsystem's open source MMO server...


My Project 1.0

A php script will allow you to create a website for your sourceforge project automatically


Visual Studio Project Converter 0.9.3

VSPC is the console utility for converting between project formats for various versions of Microsoft Visual Studio.

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MOPS:MOdelchecking Programs for Security 10

The MOdelchecking Programs for Security(MOPS) project produces software you can use to find security bugs in your C programs.

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Cross-Platform System Library 0.01

Cross-Platform System Library is a portable C++ run-time library that provides support for manipulating system resources, such as thread, process,...

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PHP Expert System Engine 1.0

Engine for Expert System based on PHP.