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Abstract For Atm Simulation

OSE Octave 1.0

OSE is Octave Simulation Environment, is a platform for modeling, simulation and analysis dynamics systems.


TSimPanel 0.5.9

TSimPanel provides a progress bar for your simulation programs with only a few modification costs.

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Tahoe 1.2

Tahoe is a research-oriented platform for the development of numerical methods and models for the simulation of complex material behavior.

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RealPeer 1.0

RealPeer is a Java framework for the simulation-based development of P2P systems.

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ODEMx 2.2

ODEM is a C++ class library for process simulation.

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GNU Archimedes 0.0.7

GNU Archimedes is the GNU package for the design and simulation of submicron semiconductor devices.


Gekko Simulation Software 1.0

Gekko Simulation Software is an open source (GNU GPL) system for simulating large-scale economic models.

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uCertify - SCJP Practice Test for Exam 310-035 7.02.05

435 Questions with detailed explanation, Study notes, Articles and How tos. Intractive Exam simulation, for Java 2 Platform 1.4 Exam. Based on...

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uCertify MCSD .NET MCAD - 70-305 Exam Simulation 8.02.05

The uCertify Exam Simulation is a comprehensive tool for success in the MCSD.NET (70-305) certification exam. It contains 3 full-length realistic...

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Universal Real-Time Software Oscilloscope GUI DLL Library

DLL Library for data acquisition and logging, computer simulation and debugging programs.Advantages:Speedy performance: the library makes it...

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Data Abstract

Data Abstract is the innovative and RAD multi-tier solution for .NET and Delphi. Building upon the RemObjects SDK, it allows you to create...

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Darwin2K 0.91

Darwin2K is a toolkit for simulation and evolutionary design for robotics.


Abstract Anti-Spam 1.0

If you display an e-mail address on your site, the spammers use their automatic spam bots to search through your pages, 'harvesting' your e-mail...


AbstractDB 0.52

If you believe that database abstraction is a good think, but you don't want to join the religous fights about the best one out there, then we have...


Anydb (former Abstractdb) 0.9

Anydb (former Abstractdb) is multi-platform compatible. This abstract wrapper class provides easy and simple class methods to access the most...


Compare-the-Graphs 1.0

"Compare-the-Graphs" is a precision, cross-browser, 500-pixel by 500-pixel 2-variable function grapher, featuring completely adjustible axes and up...


Encryption Algorithm Simulation Script

Encryption Algorithm Simulation Script is an useful javascript and is a handy tool for webmasters to protect their source and other content pages....


Filtering Arrays with Filter

A web based string and array module that teaches you online how to abstract words from an array. Live demo comes with source code and explains the...


How to Choose Web Services

How to Choose Web Services is a theoritical abstract on web services. You can refer on the various factors involved in choosing between the better...


Inside UDDI

Inside UDDI, this is a simple theoritical abstract on the Philosophy of UDDI (Universal Description, Discover and Integration). You can refer what...