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Abstract For Atm Simul Project In Cpp

PhatStudio rc

PhatStudio is a Visual Studio plugin which lets you quickly navigate to any file in your project in just a few keystrokes, even for very large...

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Richfaces Maven Project Eclipse Plug-in 1.0.0.beta

Eclipse plug-in for Richfaces Web project with maven support.

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GenericTree 1.0

This project contains functionality, written in C#, for creating graphical trees in C#.


Function Points 1.1

Progressive Function Point Estimation Workbook in excel to provide Function Point Analysis with greater accuracy for real time project estimation.

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Eclipse RMI Plugin 0.0.2

This project provides an Eclipse plugin that enables the RMI compilation for Java projects created in Eclipse JDT.

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XPLint 1.0

XPLint is an Eclipse plugin project for detecting bad smells in code.


Andromus 1.0

Andromus is project to create Open Source Software, create translations for documentation and create native installers for programs how work in...


PersistentLogic 0.1

This is an abstract basic library for persist memory objects in database.

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ExtJS RAD Server 1.0

This project is for to make all in one server for education and home use, or for all activities cooperating with agreements of ExtJS library and...


MizarMML-DB 1.0

This project will develop some software to easily use MizarMML-DB, which is a free simple database for Mizar articles registered in the Mizar...

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Repeater Tracker 1.0

To Track, map and maintain status on repeaters for Amatuer Radio, project includes listing repeaters in HTML,EXCEL,PDF, with interactive mapping...


FbSync 1.0

FbSync is an open source project for Firebird databases, for archiving modified records in database and performing fast and reliable...


PHPXSLTemplate 1.0

This is my first project in which I am attempting to great a frame work or engine for easily using XSLT in PHP for templating (views).


ThinknLearn 1.0

This project was designed for a reserach conducted in the area of mobile science inqiury using ontologies.


Fat Jar Eclipse Plug-In 0.0.31

Eclipse Plug-In for deploying a project into one "fat" executable jar file containing all referenced libraries.

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Gentoo KDE Subversion (SVN) Ebuilds 1.0

This project aims to provide ebuilds for most software residing in the KDE SVN repository, and tentatively, extraneous KDE-related software.

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J2EE Industry Management Tool 1.0

Will allow web based (Facelet) ant compile/build/deploy script generator and runner unsing a JCR content repository for managing J2EE components in...

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MOPS:MOdelchecking Programs for Security 10

The MOdelchecking Programs for Security(MOPS) project produces software you can use to find security bugs in your C programs.

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An IDE project in D for everybody.

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Author Name Disambiguation in DL 1.0

This project aims at developing a system for author name disambiguation in Digital Libraries.