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Abstract For Atm Simul Project In Cpp

RSS Feed Project in .NET

This article explains the RSS Feed Project in .NET, in which it demonstrates writing C# code to consume RSS feeds. After that these data from these...


Performance Optimizations for XML Data Type in SQL Server Yukon

'Performance Optimizations for XML Data Type in SQL Server Yukon' is a tutorial in which author describes about various method for modifying the...


The Really Useful Program for Setting Delphi Project Options 1.0 Beta

Set project options for a group of Delphi projects in one step:Set up the options on screen, then apply them to your selected projects.Includes the...

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dbForge Fusion for MySQL, Delphi Add-in 3.00

dbForge Fusion for MySQL (formerly known as MyDeveloper Tools) is a powerful add-in designed to simplify the MySQL database application development...

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Techniques for Retaining State Information in ASP Applications

This is a tutorial that elaborates on holding back of state information. Here the author presents several techniques that are presently handled in...


Voting control for ASP.NET written in C# (CSharp) 1.1

Features: • Control written in pure "managed" C# (CSharp) • Not require SQL or any other database (Only file copy) • Cookie security...

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1wire-Home-Automatisation Project in C++ 1.0

C++ Server for a dynamic home-automatisation-network based on the 1wire protocol.


EMF in Cpp 1

A C++ implementation of Eclipse Modeling Framework.

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Livs 1.0

Web-development framework/cms which main purpose is to help web-developers to build prototype and base functionality for the future project in...


Richfaces Maven Project Eclipse Plug-in 1.0.0.beta

Eclipse plug-in for Richfaces Web project with maven support.

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Compiling Components in Visual Basic for ASP

Compiling Components in Visual Basic for ASP is a tutorial which elaborates about methods involved in generating a compiling componets for MTS and...


How to Use a GDI+ Application in NetCOBOL for .NET

How to Use a GDI+ Application in NETCOBOL for .NET is an article in which the author gives description for utilizing GDI+ and NETCOBOL for creating...


SevenLicensing - Add licensing to your Visual Studio project

This is a program built on ASP.NET that can be used by the programmers for software licensing purpose in project works. This program allows...


The ASP.NET Web Matrix Project Reloaded!

Web Matrix Project in ASP.NET deals with more and more features which might help the webmasters in fixing the bugs in the Web Matrix Project and...


Java Reverse-Engineering for Eclipse 1.0

Java reverse-engineering plug-in for Eclipse Modelling project.


Fat Jar Eclipse Plug-In 0.0.31

Eclipse Plug-In for deploying a project into one "fat" executable jar file containing all referenced libraries.

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MOPS:MOdelchecking Programs for Security 10

The MOdelchecking Programs for Security(MOPS) project produces software you can use to find security bugs in your C programs.

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Author Name Disambiguation in DL 1.0

This project aims at developing a system for author name disambiguation in Digital Libraries.


PM in Oppen Source Environments 1.0

The objective of this project is to develop and implement a methodology for energy consumption reduction in OMAP platform operating with Linux...


Eclipse Babel Project 1.0

This project is an Famous project in the FOSS community and Eclipse is also well known for its Java IDE.