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Absolute Value

Eval Expr class calculator v1.0

Eval Expr script is specially created for those who come across with numbers having expressions, different bases like binary, hexadecimal, octal...


Math functions

This is an online tutorial that covers on mathematical functions. This tutorial provides math functions like Round() (number rounded to an...


Crop Canvus 1.2.2000

Crop Canvus is multi-platform compatible. This is a class allows you to crop an image in a variety of ways. You can crop in an absolute or relative...


ABF Value Converter 2.1

ABF Value Converter is an application for measurement units conversion. This software easily converts various measurement values into any other...

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Caching and aliasing with descriptors 1.0

This script contains a few simple descriptor classes to compute and cache attribute value on demand and to define attribute as alias to other.


Getting SYSTEM environment variable under Windows 1.0

This script allows you to get SYSTEM environment value, as if running under Service or SYSTEM account.


First Class Enums in Python 1.6

This script allows you to do true immutable symbolic enumeration with qualified value access.


Finding the value passed to a function by name 1.2

Sometimes inside a decorator that creates a function with a generic (*args, **kwargs) signature, you want to access a value passed for a particular...


Changing a closed-over value 1.0

In most languages with closures, it is possible to change a closed-over value and have the change visible in other closures which share a reference...


Generic cacheable value objects superclass 1.0

Generic cacheable value objects superclass script is a superclass for cache value objects by its constructor arguments.


Getting min/max in a sequence 1.0

Getting min/max in a sequence script allows you to find the min/max value in a sequence as compared to a reference.


smallestMin 1.0

MATLAB has a built-in function called min that returns the smallest value in some numeric vector.


Abakus VCL V 2.41

The current version includes "flicker free" Compass, Meters, Bars (Gauge), Digital indicators (time, value), Tank displays, Operating Point...


UCWinRestore 1.0

A component to set forms position and measures to values when form closed last time.Simply place on the desired form and set "RegKey" value to the...



It is a component of Delphi&C++Builder for DICOM application developing.Easy to use[Zoom out Zoom in] faster Prefect magnify glassSupport...


TVisualStream 2

Displays the contents of a text or binary data stream in a single row. For each byte, it displays the printable value and the Ascii values in...


TEnhancedEdit 1.46

TEnhancedEdit is derived from TEdit, with text-alignment and value and integer-value

Freeware 1.0

TLetNum is a component that writes in words the numberspassed as parameters. The result text is writed in spanish.It can be uppercase.It can be...

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.NET Common Type System

.NET Common Type System is a web based tutorial in which author describes common type system, which defines all data types and also adapt a rule to...


.netCHARGE 3.V

This program allows administrators to have credit card payment transaction system on their ASP.NET websites. Customers can have a perfect service...