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IIS Applications and Virtual Directories

This tutorial is helpful for the learners which guides them to configure IIS and teaches them about virtual directories with example. What is IIS...


ECTI 1.5

ECTI is a software to create presentations, demonstrations, simulations, help, support, learning... Taking screenshots, capturing mouse movements,...

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A Complete Virtual Shop Web Service in C#

This web service tutorial discusses about the generation of virtual shop web service in C sharp and the author say this program can be used to...


A Virtual Future

A Virtual Future is an easy tutorial through which users can gain knowledge about concept of XMLTextReader and its attributes, which can be used...


All About .NET

All About .NET is an article which gives you a brief summary about the .NET architecture. The key feature of the .NET technology is that it is...


Creating a Component using Visual C++ to Manipulate Virtual Directories

Creating a Component using Visual C++ to Manipulate Virtual Directories is an article which tells about building of server component using Visual...

Freeware is site that the developers can use to know all about Java Virtual Machines. Supports links to every item mentioned and...


PHP SETI@home web monitor 0.1.0b6

The PHP SETI@home web monitor is a script designed using PHP programming to monitor setiathome programs running in your server through the local...


Subroutines and Include or Virtual

At the end of this online tutorial, the developers can learn more about subroutines which helps to minimize the structure of the script. Further...


Virtual Shop Lite 1.2.2001

Virtual Shop Lite is an efficient shopping cart script written in PERL that offers turnkey solutions for small and medium size business merchants...


Virtual usb_device 1.0

This project is about creating a virtual USB device in Lunux.


Virtual Print Pilot 1.20

Virtual Print Pilot is meant for substitution of a real printer in the next cases: - checking up of printing function of a developed software;-...


Virtual Printer Drivers Custom Development Service 2.3

If you wanted to add a capability to integrate documents from any Windows application into your product then you would have to look for virtual...


FD360 - virtual reality navigator v2.2

You are a professional of the real estate, a contractor, or an architect? I hope that our product will interest you. It asked a pooling of various...

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Virtual Drives Manager 1.0b

The Virtual Drives Manager is the tool which lets you to define, redefine and delete the virtual drives in your file system.The Virtual Drives...

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Virtual Printer Drivers

Virtual printer allows you to add a capability to integrate documents from any Windows application into your product. End-users of your product...

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Virtual Desk 1.1

Virtual Desktop is a desktop manager to create many virtual desktops and switch among them. With Virtual Desktop, your computer has many virtual...

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Virtual Serial Ports Driver

VSPD XP by Virtual Serial Port Software, department of Eltima, creates two virtually connected serial ports in your system. Windows and all...

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Virtual Serial Port ActiveX Control 3.5

Virtual Serial Port ActiveX allows your application to create additional virtual serial port in system and fully control it. Created virtual port...

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Advanced Virtual COM Port 2.1

Advanced Virtual COM Port is the first software of its kind which includes both local and network virtual COM port functions. It can share your...

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