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Abort Windows Shutdown From Java

Java Windows 7 UI 0.2

Binding Windows API to Java for the following features:- Progress bar in Win7 Taskbar

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Accessing Microsoft SQL from PHP under Linux

This article explains how to connect to a Microsoft SQL server that is running on a Windows machine from a PHP program running on a Unix machine....


Java Objects Converter 1.0

Generic Converter from Java Objects to XML and JSON in an easy way and without configuration.

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Java Native Application Interface Layer 0.202

The JNails project makes it possible and easy to use C and C++ code directly from Java, without clumsy JNI coding.

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JCom (Java-COM Bridge)

JCom is a bridge library between Java and Com to enable COM object access from Java classes.

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Sanaware Java Docking 1.5.0

Sanaware Java Docking is a library for managing the windows of a Java Swing application in split panes, tabs, lines, grids and floating windows.

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Domingo - Java-API to Lotus Notes/Domino 1.5.1

Groupware-API for stable access from Java to Lotus Notes/Domino via local or remote access, as easy to use as LotusScript.

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Driverless Java to Oracle connection 1.0

Connect from Java to Oracle DB without using Oracle drivers (ojdbc*).


Jigen - Java Installer Generator 1.0

Jigen is a powerful Windows installer for java projects.



JNIWrapper provides simplified access to native code from Java applications without using Java Native Interface (JNI.) You donít need to create a...

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JWSF 1.0

JWSF - Java Windows Shutdown Functions API allows java applications to perform the following operations on most windows operating system, shutdown,...

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jPDFPrint 3.11

Print Acrobat PDF documents directly from Java programs or applets with or without user intervention. jPDFPrint is a Java library that can load and...

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AbyssLabs.Environment Component

This is a server side program and a component where the users can access windows variables from the programming environment which supports COM....



searching for "passing an array from java to javascript"


Copy Text To Clipboard 0.2

This script provides users facility to copy the text files contents into the windows clipboard. By using this script users can copy the contents...


DynuExec 1.0

DynuExec is a component that will help you carry out DOS command and start up Windows applications from within your ASP pages. The other features...


ElegantJBeans - GUI

ElegantJBeans - GUI is an online java beans designed to assists webmasters in creating excellent graphical interface for their applications. This...


Any Java Developer can use this site on the web to have various hundreds of links that directly link you to various sites that offer free java...



Java4less offers some ready to use applets like RReport, which can be used to create report and for printing, RChart to draw piechart, barcharts,...


JDBC wrapper: A quick data access solution for simple programs

With JDBC you can access databases from a java program. For any big project you will like to use JDBC for every program. It may seem overwhelming...