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Abf File Operation

CallbackFilter 4

CallbackFilter lets your Windows and .NET applications keep track of file operations in real-time (right when they are performed). You can track...

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BeliUtils 1.0

One unit that contains 30 routines for Delphi 5 that will make your programming easier. All of those routines are often used and not so easy to...

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Frigate 1.10

Frigate is a powerful file manager. Main features of Frigate.Basic file operation (copy, move, delete) can working in threads.Support compressed...

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Alfa File Protector Network Edition 2004

Alfa File Protector (AFP) is a unique component / library, for Windows developers, for integrating file protection and file hiding in developers'...

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Build Automation Tool : R2build 1.1

Continuous Integration ,daily build(night build)and build automation tool, establish the nightbuild in minutes,only by adding build step node and...

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Chat Commander 1.0

This is a remote-client programe based on MSN messenger.


DragEffects 1.0

When dragging files in Windows Explorer you can hold down the Control or Alt key to make a copy or a shortcut to the file rather than just moving...


ABF CD Shell

ABF CD Shell is a constructor set for fast creating of different CD, DVD, and other catalogue shells. You need only to create one configuration...

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TransFile 1.0

Delphi file stream class with commit/rollback capabilities. Usage transaction mechanism provides reliable restoring contents of the file after...

Freeware II.18

The library makes CGI scripting in Perl easy enough for anyone to process forms and create dynamic Web content. Some of the features...


Complete Events Calendar II.60

This is a group calendar application that allows you to build collective event calendars. Mainly ment for mean of event divulgation and resource...


EveryAuction 1.0

EveryAuction allows anyone to set up a powerful online auction site where users may post items. Automatic e-mail notifications, automatic closing,...


fipsGuestbook 3.VII

This is a script where the guestbook can be created by the users and the visitors can make comments on the guestbook. This program provides email...



This is a simple tutorial which is more informative to the .NET programmers to get the solution for placing the variables and methods globally on a...


HexDns 1.0

HexDns ActiveX component lets you to retrieve any Domain Name System (DNS) record. This component will also allow you to Check domain name...


How Many Online 1.0

How Many Online Counter is a PHP script. It's basic operation is to count the visitors visiting your site. The details of the visited users will be...


How to Manipulate Files in ASP.NET

How to Manipulate Files in ASP.NET is a web based tutorial in which author elaborates the methods for reading, deleting and writing the content in...


JFS 0.05

This is a java program and a network filesystem protocol based on TCPIP which allows the users to perform the operation of removing, loading and...


M-western Email Cgi / Xmlhttp 1.0

M-Western is software for sending mail in any Western-European language from ASP Web sites and Microsoft Windows applications. It works as an...


Quedo - web-based file manager/sharing 1.1.2000

Quedo - web-based file manager/sharing is a multi-platform compatible script that puts on your web server a password-protected area where people...