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A Study Project Result In Big Bazaar

Simple country dropdown component

This online tutorial is about a small project description in which the author explains about how a country or state dropdown component works in...



This is a php online community where a project management method is available for the open source IT projects. This community provides the...


EditiX - XML Editor & XSLT Debugger 2.I

EditiX has an XSLT debugger and an XML Differencing support. It provides users with an extensive range of XML functionality within a refined IDE...


Project Tracker 0.1

Project Tracker application is a simple project tracker written in php.


PHP Project Manager 0.4

PHP Project Manager is a web based application for assisting in the organisation of a small project based business.


oqt-maven-plugin 0.2

The oqt-maven-plugin allows automatic JPQL to SQL query translation in a maven project.

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Demoiselle Library 1.0

This is a pet project for the management of books in a library.

Freeware 1.0

TLetNum is a component that writes in words the numberspassed as parameters. The result text is writed in spanish.It can be uppercase.It can be...

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3D Flash Animator Ver 3.0 III.72

This is a much-improved and debugged version. It is claimed to be much more user-friendly, less memory-intensive, and faster. An important...


Advance Backup 2.00

Advance Backup is A easy to use script that lets you take backups of your files and also your mysql databases. Store backups on your server or...


Advertiser HOME 4.0

Advertiser HOME offers to real estate brokers that are in the need of an online showroom a classifieds program that has many features. Some of the...



Aspose.Office is a .NET documentation application through which user can generate documentation application with the help of functionalities that...


Aspose.Project 1.IV

Aspose.Project is a .Net Project document reporting component. With it, you can: Read, change and save existing and create new Microsoft Project...


Autoframe 2.0

Autoframe is a program intended to ease the work of the contents maintainer of a site that has a lot of similar framesets. Also, in combination...


b3 Feedback 3.0

b3 Feedback is a collection of perl modules that provides flexible features to rate and publishing rating result in different format. This script...


Best Practices: PHP Coding Style

This is a tutorial which tells the users the steps to follow to write the best codings with php. The author says to the users that all codings...


Copper 2004

Copper 2004 is a collabration tool between administrator and project team that is designed to support PHP websites. Organisational units are...


Creating COM+ Aware Components in .NET

The users could now learn how to create COM+ Aware Components in .NET through this online tutorial. The author discusses in detail about the...


CSV read

This script is used to read data that has been stored in a database. It displays the result in the web page. It allows you to read, filter, sort or...


Custom Dates 1.0

Custom Dates is a multi-platform compatible script that allows the display of a date in any faormat required. It's largely based on what the PHP...