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A Study Of H R Practices Followed In Ho

SMS: Case study of a Web services deployment

SMS: Case study of a Web services deployment is a case study intended to give a brief introduction on web services for all webmasters. Here in this...


A Byte of Python in German 120

The purpose of this project is to create a German translation of the book "A Byte of Python" originally written in English by Swaroop C H.

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In a Class of its own - the .NET Zip Library

In a Class of its own - the .NET Zip Library is a web based tutorial in which users can gather information about compressing and uncompressing the...


A List of Dictionaries 1.0

This  class emulates a list of dictionary objects without the memory and pickle storage overhead which occurs when storing every item in the...


A Game Of BattleShip

A Game Of BattleShip is a wonderful game in JavaScript that can be incorporated in your webpage to entertain your visitors to test their gaming...


HOW TO: Create a Web Control with an Expandable Property in the Designer by Using Visual Basic .NET

HOW TO: Create a Web Control with an Expandable Property in the Designer by Using Visual Basic.NET is a tutorial in which the author shows the...


Challenges with C++: A compilation of 550+ MCQ's

This book is a collection of 550+ multiple choice questions which covers all the core C++ language concepts. The main focus is made on language...


Kokogut - a compiler of Kogut 1.0

Kokogut is a compiler of the Kogut programming language, written in Kogut itself.

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Transposing a List of Lists 1.0

This script allows you to transpose a list of lists of different lengths.


A Couple of Useful Classes 1.0

A couple of classes for holding locations and dates. The date classes calculate an elapsed time that takes dates (including leap years) into...


A Matter of Context

A Matter of Context is a useful article to the beginners.This article shows what kind of common error you can see on the web applications and how...


Searching a Directory of Files

This short code snippet and explanation explains how to loop through a directory of files and determine which ones match a regular expression and...


Finding the convex hull of a set of 2D points 1.0

This simple code calculates the convex hull of a set of 2D points and generates EPS files to visualise them.


SWTGraph - A set of SWT Graphs/Charts 1.0

A set of SWT customdraw widgets to represent, view, manipulate and interage with data using a Graphical User Interface.


ConvertRsToXml, A Case Study of Timing and Optimizing ASP or ADO Code

This is an online tutorial that discusses about optimizing the function ConvertsRStoXML. Author explains that this function was discussed earlier...


Receiving a List of all Tables in a Database

The main objective of this article is to teach the developers how to receive the list of tables from a database. The author tells about the inquiry...


How to include a lot of material in the program itself 1.0

Demonstration of how to put cursors, sounds, pictures and strings in a .RES to incorporate them into the .EXE.

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A Calendar of Events in CGI 2.2

This program can generate calendars from January of 1970 to December of 2049. You can use customized templates for generating the calendars.


A "Something of the Day" Script

This is a tutorial that details on displaying 'quote of the day', 'receipe of the day' 'image of the day' etc., in a consecutive order. This...


Add a quote of the day!

This is a tutorial where users can find information about how to generate a script for displaying random quotes on their web pages. The provided...