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A String To Contain The Master List Of W

ASP .NET - The Repeater Control

ASP .NET - The Repeater Control is an useful web based tutorial through which beginners can learn about the ASP.NET repeater control. The repeater...


Iframes SSI script II

This script automatically resizes a IFRAME to be the exact height of the content contained inside it, and auto adjusts if the content inside changes.


MySQL Backup Pro

MySQL Backup Pro is an efficient PHP class with which admin would be able to create and manage compressed bakups in either bzip or zip formats for...


WebWader 1.0-t2

WebWader is a tool to check rapidly the content of a whole web site by automatically navigating through the html pages. All you have to do is a...


Spool Slice 0.1.0

This project is a utility to allow the splitting up of extremely large "mbox"-style mail spool files into managable chunks - particularly...

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PlutoStatus 1.0

PlutoStatus is a system to publish the current status of your systems.

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IBRest 151

A utility to update the data-structures of a FireBird database - Auto or Manual modes - No scripting required - Updates from an empty database with...

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Manipulating Arrays in ASP

This ASP study material is an useful source for the beginners in ASP to learn about the functions of arrays to handle data in lists. This article...


Encrypting A String 1.0

The main purpose of these functions are to encrypt and decrypt a string (or change the string from one "language" into another).


123FlashChat MOD for phpbb 2.0

This is a chatting tool based on php script that helps site visitors to chat with web owners using a powerful java server. Users can chat in a real...



This program will be of much use in managing the web directory in all its basic aspects. Its operations are controlled to use the physical path of...


Cast 128 ActiveX 1.I

This is a program which allows the users to encrypt a string with specified key. The data can be represented in base64 by a string. The string...


Counting the Occurances of a Letter in a String

From this online ASP tutorial you can learn the string functions used to find the length of the string and to find how many times a letter occurs...


Create a custom ASP error page

This tutorial deals with the custom errors which describes the uses of utilizing a centralized custom error page to contain all server errors while...


Create a Dynamic Database Web Site With ASP.NET

Create a Dynamic Database Web Site With ASP.NET is a tutorial which guides you in building an attractive userfriendly database website using...


Creating a drop down selection with an array

This is a tutorial that teaches the users how to make a drop down menu with an array function by using php on their websites. This tutorial tells...


cron 0.2.5

The cron is a simple and useful script that is written using PHP programming. It allows you to use a string function in the crontab format to find...


Dada Mail 2.8.2011

Dada Mail is written with perl script. This is used for small and medium business and personal sites. To use this the user do not need any...


Database Connection Through VBScript Classes Part 1

Through this online article the author describes how to build a class to connect the recordset objects and the connection. The author uses an...


Developing SQL Server Database Explorer

Developing SQL Server Database Explorer is a tutorial for those who needs to list various databases, tables and columns of the tables. In this...