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Add-in Express Toys for VSTO and Excel 2.0

This is a free sample add-in (ready to install and use) that adds some useful features to Microsoft Excel. It contains a full source code in VB and...

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Add-in Express Toys for Excel and .NET 2.0

Is a sample add-in, ready to install and use, adds some useful features to Microsoft Excel. It contains a full source code in VB, C# and supports...

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E-Cards with PHP & MySQL

This tutorial guides you how to make e-cards using PHP with MySQL database. In this tutorial you can notice about floppy dogs. Initially there was...


Advanced Data Shaping Techniques

The unique task of data shaping is revealed with more children and grandchildren data shapes. The author proves this through an example in which he...


Advanced Slide Show Software 3.I

Use this applet for Product Display, Advertising Tool, Photo Album or any other form of Presentation. Moving pictures often attract a visitor?s eye...


Counting Records In ASP.NET

Counting Records in an SQL Table is an helpful tutorial for the .NET programmers to know about how to display the count of the database records....


Display hierarchical data with TreeView

Display hierarchical data with TreeView article helps users to build treeview menu on their .NET pages resembling the treeview like Windows...


Getting the ID number of an inserted record

Now the developers can retrieve the ID number of a just inserted record with the help of this online article. With the help of SQL server it is...


Introduction to the Repeater Web Server Control

Introduction to the Repeater Web Server Control is a tutorial which is helpful for the novice to get a clear idea about the repeater control....


Report of press from database to MS Word

After reading this article the developers can learn more about the real need of a press function. In this online tutorial the author describes...


Practiline Source Code Line Counter 1.0

Practiline Source Code Line Counter is a powerful source code line count software for developers and project managers. Ability to count code lines,...

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leds - Light editor for D 4

leds is a light source code editor for the D language.

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Code Highligher 1.0

A universal source code highlighting language to enable a developer to set background colors behind regions of their code to easily & quickly...


PasswordNote 1.0

PasswordNote is a common source code editor, can guarantee the safety of the source code.


Jintilla - Source Editing Control 32

Java SWT and AWT port of Scintilla, a free source code editing component.

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BCX Basic to C translator

BCX (Basic to C Translator) BCX is a small command line tool that inputs a BCX BASIC source code file and outputs a C source code file which can be...

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PySourceO 1.0

PySourceO is a revolutionary source code generator.


santos 1.0

Santos is a multiple source-code/resource generator developed in Java that takes an XML instance and generates the required source-code/resources...


pypersrc rc.20090705

pypersrc is a GUI source-code browser written in Python and C++.

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LineMagic 1.0

LineMagic is a generic source code simple tool written in c++ with wxWidgets library.