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A Signature Based Indexing Method For Ef

Setting Up a MySQL Based Website - Part I

Setting Up a MySQL Based Website - Part I is a step by step tutorial that teaches you how to set up a guest book using a backend of perl and MySQL....


Sort Method for an ASP.NET DropDownList

Sort Method for an ASP.NET DropDownList is an article that helps in sorting the items of the dropdown listbox control. In this tutorial the author...


WebbyFiles -- Web-Based File Sharing for Intranets/Extranets 1.0

WebbyFiles is a Web-Based File Sharing System that allows groups of users to easily share and manage a central repository of files and folders by...


xcvs - a web-based CVS tracking tool 0.2.2

Xcvs is a web-based CVS tracking tool.

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XML based Persistance Layer for WF.NET 1.0

Intent is to create a complementary framework, that allows persistance and tracking in a xml based file system instead of default SQL Server database.


A Text-Based Search Engine

A Text-Based Search Engine is a tutorial which deals with generation of a text search engine in the users website. This tutorial offers guideline...


A Web-Based File Browser

A Web-Based File Browser is a tutorial that elaborates in setting up a file browser that can be used by the users to view the search listing of...


How to Use a GDI+ Application in NetCOBOL for .NET

How to Use a GDI+ Application in NETCOBOL for .NET is an article in which the author gives description for utilizing GDI+ and NETCOBOL for creating...


LAN-Sentry, a PHP-based gateway tool

LAN-Sentry, a PHP-based gateway tool is a PHP based software designed to manage gateway server using linux iptables and ISC's DHCPd v3. Besides the...


Visa Zone :: A specialised script made just for Law Firm's dealing in Visa

Visa Zone is a specialised script made just for Law Firm's dealing in Visa's. We have integrated the most advanced features that are needed by a...


Lock & Key is a royalty free security component for you applications 1.02

Lock & Key is a royalty free security component for you applications. Distribute trial versions of your products which can be easily ounlockedo to...

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db_flay, a web-based database browser 0.3.3

db_flay generates a simple, productive web interface for Postgresql databases.

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How to Call a .NET-based Web Service Using the SOAP::Lite Perl Library

This library is a complete reference article for the webmasters and for the beginners through which they can get a good guidance over their web...


SDBC: a swing-based database client 0.2.beta

SDBC is a MS Access-like database client based on Java swing ui, able to connect to both local and network DBMS.

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SICvm - A SIC Based Virtual Machine 1.2.0.beta

A Virtual Machine based on a Simplified Instructional Computer (SIC).

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A web based dialup Internet application

Now the webmasters could connect and disconnect a dial up internet session and they could also check up the timing of the connection. This article...


Application Layers in a Service-Based Architecture

This article discusses about featuring an application into logical layers through service based architecture in various scales. The author tells...


JDBC wrapper: A quick data access solution for simple programs

With JDBC you can access databases from a java program. For any big project you will like to use JDBC for every program. It may seem overwhelming...


Team development method for PHP

An article explaining a method faciliating team development of PHP projects.


Diderot - A Python based WikiWriter 1.0

A Graphic User Interface with texteditor and category browser for interaction with the free encyclopedia Wikipedia