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A Sample Of Synopsis For Finance Project

Alternating Row Colors

Alternating Row Colors is a tutorial by Akash Goel for PHP coders. This tutorial in simple english tell us how to create a table and how to connect...


ASP.NET Source Code Viewer

Now the webmasters could enlist all application's files for seeing or just to look one file at a time with the help of the ASP.NET Source Code...


Epiware web based project management 2.I

Epiware is a secure web-based project management application with tools for document storage, multi-level administration, and project...


FLATTEXT (Class B) 5.0

Paste a sample of your flat text delimited (comma, tab, or other) database and a custom Perl script and HTML code are created that lets web users...


Jax UpdateInfo 2.I

Jax UpdateInfo is a script coded with PHP which helps you to manage a list of updates for any software project on your website. The script works in...


RangeValidator Control

This tutorial brings you more details about the ASP.NET RangeValidator control which is much useful for the web developers. The author shows you...


DM2000 Components Library 10.0

DM2000 VCL component library was developed as a part of open-source Data Master 2000 project and contains a set of components for complex...

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FlexGraphics Library 1.15

FlexGraphics - is a set of components for creating vector graphics applications under Borland Delphi(CAD, GIS, SCADA). FlexGraphics library can be...

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Genetic monodimensional packing b

This project aims at providing a set of tools for solving the class of monodimensional packing problems (such as cutting stock, bin packing and...

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infosec: Information Security Analysis 1.0

A research project and a set of tools for the analysis of secure information flow


CMyStd C/C++ Library 1.0

The goal of this project is to provide a set of classes for writing simple multiplatform console applications or libraries.

Freeware - Power-ups for your OSGi 1.0

The goal of this project is to provide a set of utilities for OSGi Platform.


Spring IDE for Eclipse 1.0

This project provides a set of plugins for the Eclipse platform to ease working with the configuration files for SpringFramework bean factories.


Vide - VIM IDE 1.0

Vide is a set of extensions for Vim that provide integrated project management, code browsing, ctags based quick search and advanced project...


TXT-merger 1.0

This piece of code is a sample of how I solve a problem to merge text (or any file, for that matter) files together to one big file.


phpMySecret 0.1

phpMySecret - Webbased password databaseThis project is a solution for all, who have to remember a lot of passwords for several sites and...

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DTV Turniermanager 1.0

This project is a kind of manager for dancing contests in germany.



Eduworks' Competency Training and Record Management System (CTRMS) is an app for aiding the user to determine the readiness of a team of people...

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OMSI Tools 1.0

OMSI Tools project consists of a number of tools for OMSI developers.


atREQID 1.0

This project aims at providing a set of tools for gathering, validating, maintaining and publishing requirements.

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