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A Protal Based On The Interests And The

PIBS 1.0.2

The Personal Internet Broadcasting Script shortly called as PIBS is a frontend based on PHP script and Apache to form MP3 playlists and broadcast...


tClick 0.93

tClick is a frontend based on PHP4 script with the backend as MySQL database.It is used to track the number of links visited and clicked by...


Dora Platform 1.0

Dora Platform is a web application platform mainly based on JSF, Faclets and the SpringSource dm Serveraā€˛?


a validating tool of BPEL programme rc

This project proposes a tool for formal verification of web services composition based on Pi-calculus and the conversion between BPEL and pi-calculus.

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This script is basically built on PHP which is used for making a video recorder on your website and the users can easily parse their required file...


Relis-G 1.3b5

Relis-G is an automatic software installer for computational grids,based on shell scripts and the Globus Toolkit, with featuresof transparency of...

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Vanilla Content Management System 5.1

Vanilla is a system based on content management and structurallinking.

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The Clump language b

The Clump language proposes a natural evolution of the basic Object-Oriented paradigm revisiting the duality existing between the data and the...

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A Perl Version of the PHP Mail Function

This is a script based on perl which is designed to carry on the job of phps mail functions. This script opens the pipe , prints and closes the...


Active Auction House 3.0

Active Auction House is a web based auction software designed for the auction house business (ex. Only the administrator can add...


Active Link Engine 6.V

This is an effective program which can be used by the webmasters to run an enhanced search engine and directory link management system on their...


activePDF Portfolio

This is a program based on ASP.NET with which users can dynamically create PDF documents. Users can have the facility to manage controlling output...


Ad & Popup Killer

This is a software based on php where popups and ads are stopped to provide security for the system which performs server access. This script...


AeroMail I.45

AeroMail is a script based on php for web based emails and uses basic HTTP authentication to pass the username and password to the IMAP server, and...


Affiliate Program for StoreFront 1.I

This is an Affiliate Program designed for Web stores to make the / partners to view the sales anytime.The main features are User and password /...


Apm - Affiliate Program Manage 1.0

APM is a PHP/MySQL-based pay-per-click partner program system with provides for both banners and text links. The system has built-in anti-fraud...


ASP Content Management 1.I

Content management solution based on IIS, ASP, and MS Access. Add, edit, and update all pages with a web-based WYSIWYG page editor. Edit site...


ASP Session Server

ASP Session Server is a powerful software that has the ability to transfer session data to and fro between your server and the browser. This...


AutoEnsim 3.I

This is a software based on php where virtual accounts are setup on Ensim server. This script checks your email every few hours for new order with...


AutoReseller 1.III

This is a software based on php where reseller account are setup on ensim server. This script also checks your email every few hours for new order....