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A Protal Based On Interests And Events

Build a Variety of Custom Controls Based on the DataGrid Control

This is an ASP.NET tutorial in which the author discusses about developing various custom controls based on the datagrid control. The author...


A Web-Based File Browser

A Web-Based File Browser is a tutorial that elaborates in setting up a file browser that can be used by the users to view the search listing of...


SDBC: a swing-based database client 0.2.beta

SDBC is a MS Access-like database client based on Java swing ui, able to connect to both local and network DBMS.

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Multiple flat shipping rates based on Order Total 1.0

This small contribution is based on the "Percent Rate x total sale price" shipping contribution originally posted by WebyMaster and modified by many.


SICvm - A SIC Based Virtual Machine 1.2.0.beta

A Virtual Machine based on a Simplified Instructional Computer (SIC).

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A Contact Database using MySQL and PHP

This article introduces MySQL and explains how to use it in conjunction with PHP to create a web-based interface to a contact database.


A Text-Based Search Engine

A Text-Based Search Engine is a tutorial which deals with generation of a text search engine in the users website. This tutorial offers guideline...


Data Access Layer based on dataSets

Data Access Layer based on dataSets is an ASP.NET tutorial in which the author offers solution for various functional problems that occur while...


LAN-Sentry, a PHP-based gateway tool

LAN-Sentry, a PHP-based gateway tool is a PHP based software designed to manage gateway server using linux iptables and ISC's DHCPd v3. Besides the...


PRB: Cannot Change or Remove the QueryString Action for a Web Form on Postback

This article tells, the users could not change the Querystring action for a HTML form tag on postback and the learners can get solution for the...


Properties in C# : A new cover on old book

Properties in C# : A new cover on old book is a tutorial which gives you more information about the properties in C#. Properties in C# helps you to...


Setting Up a MySQL Based Website - Part I

Setting Up a MySQL Based Website - Part I is a step by step tutorial that teaches you how to set up a guest book using a backend of perl and MySQL....


Shipping Method Based On Order Total 1.0

This contribution will allow you to choose the shipping method based on the total order, i.


Object-oriented language based on java. 1.0

Master students group of Federal University of Pernambuco working together to define and to develop an object-oriented language project based on...


Applicaton Logger based on C++ 1.0

A simple application logger class implementation based on C Plus Plus.

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Delegado: Delegates and Events for C++ 1.0

A typesafe callback library for C++ inspired by C# delegates and events.


Sessions based on files instead of mysql 1.0

Sessions based on files system instead of mysql database.


xcvs - a web-based CVS tracking tool 0.2.2

Xcvs is a web-based CVS tracking tool.

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OneAx - Framework based on Struts 1.0

OneAx is Framework based on Struts.


A Practical Comparison of XSLT and ASP.NET

A Practical Comparison of XSLT and ASP.NET is an article in which the author shows you the diference in the performace of ASP.NET and XSLT. The...