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A Project To Develope Skype Software

TeXlib 1.0

A project to develope a run-time TeX library, with support for enhancements (like the one present in e-TeX, pdf-e-TeX, Omega).


Mail Archive and Interchange Format 1.0

MAIF is a project to create an open standard format for both archiving email and for importing/exporting email messages from popular email software.


Zambezi Software Language Platform 1.0

This is a project to create a software system to support the design and implementation of domain specific software languages for data intensive...


CMF Requirements Manager 0.0.2

CMFReq is a project to manage lists of requirements for managing software projects.

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Xtel_SIM 1.0

this ia a software developling tool for user to develope their software status information manage-software .


Seng 531

Class project, to develope a Eclipse plugin to determin possible polymorphic method declarations of given method calls


Voice of the Outback Translator Software 1

VOTS (Voice of the Outback Translation Software) is a project to provide translation between Australian Aboriginal languages and English.

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Easy Shareware 2.00

EasyShareware is a product to protect your software by register code, which is comprised of a DLL (dynamic link library) component file and an EXE...

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RadioMaya 0.2.0

RadioMaya is a project to develop a web-based mp3 player/manager for Linux. Provides browser-based access to a central mp3 archive.


SmartTranslate Components 1.41

SmartTranslate is not a component, it is a standalone tool which helps you translating a Delphi project to other languages. In the first step, it...

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Nuca WebServer Plugin D6

It's a plugin to develope a WebServer application using Nuca Plugin and IdRunner. See, CGINeed : Indy Indy component( D6...

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Gnumeric 1.7.10

The Gnumeric spreadsheet manager is part of the GNOME desktop environment: a project to create a free, user friendly desktop environment.


changlonwork 2008

a project to create window gui Application use d & tango.

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gamestool 2012

A project to create a runtime-programmable, cross platform, game engine.

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ModbusPal - a Java MODBUS simulator 1.0

ModbusPal is a project to develop a PC-based Modbus simulator.

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PHPxDebug 1.beta1

A project to make it easier to communicate to xDebug though a mysql database.

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A project to extend TagLib's C bindings and create a complete C API.


scriptx 1.0

A project to describe on how use a scripting solution to any programming language.


QtPersistence 0.1.1

QtPersistence is a project to create an ORM library for Qt Users.

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MVP Web App Template for .Net 1.0

A project to develop a Visual Studio add-in based on the MVP Design Pattern.